What does it mean to be a philanthropist in San Diego? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Often, we define philanthropy as giving:

  • Your Time
  • Your Talent
  • Your Treasure

Longtime San Diego changemakers, such as Jill Hall, Cliff and Carolyn Colwell and Don Ambrose, have created positive, lasting change in our region.

While their philanthropic resumes are inspiring and extensive, anyone can be a philanthropist.

In fact, starting your philanthropic journey might be easier than you realize.

List: 25 Ways to be a San Diego Philanthropist

Check out our list of 25 ways you can be a San Diego philanthropist below. Click on each link to learn more about how we can help you on your journey.

  1. Open a charitable giving fund
  2. Make an online donation
  3. Support system-involved youth programs
  4. Establish a legacy fund
  5. Create a scholarship fund
  6. Setup a family foundation
  7. Show your children how to give
  8. Support arts and culture
  9. Promote civic engagement and dialogue
  10. Develop an age friendly San Diego
  11. Preserve our environment
  12. Leverage impact investing strategies
  13. Strengthen your neighborhood
  14. Give directly to a San Diego nonprofit of your choice
  15. Combine forces with San Diegans to create lasting change
  16. Transform neglected spaces
  17. Protect, connect and access San Diego’s outdoors
  18. Build enduring assets for your nonprofit forever
  19. Nurture science and technology research
  20. Learn about social impact areas in our region
  21. Volunteer with local programs and projects
  22. Inspire your peers to give
  23. Refer clients and peers to The San Diego Foundation
  24. Attend a Center for Civic Engagement event
  25. Engage with us on Facebook and Twitter

Other Ways to be a Philanthropist

There are dozens more ways to be a San Diego philanthropist. We hope the list above has enlightened you about what philanthropic opportunities are available in our region.

Have more ideas to share with us? Share your philanthropic efforts in the comments below.

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