Climate Initiative

San Diego County is a special place of natural beauty. We believe future generations should enjoy the same quality of life, healthy environment and vibrant economy that we do today.

The San Diego Foundation Climate Initiative provides leadership and philanthropic investment to create a more sustainable path to economic growth and a higher quality of life. The initiative aims to advance science-based, collaborative development of local policies and programs that reduce our region’s polluting emissions and minimize local risks from climate change.

Since 2006, our grants have resulted in:

invested in climate resiliency
local programs funded
individual organizations assisted

The Climate Initiative works to:

  • Catalyze funding for research, education and community engagement that informs policy and leads to investments that protect and enhance our region’s quality of life
  • Convene diverse stakeholders to identify shared goals and opportunities to work together in addressing critical regional issues
  • Collaborate with partners and decision makers to address systemic inequities and promote equitable, and inclusive solutions to community needs.

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Investing in Research

Investing in research is a pillar of our Climate Initiative. Overall, we have funded 27 climate change research grants totaling $1.3 million and have identified the following climate change impacts to the San Diego region:

Leadership with Action

To preserve our environment, health, and economy – and ensure a promising future for our children – we must continue to work collaboratively to implement long-term, equitable solutions that build a resilient region and economy for all San Diegans.

The San Diego Foundation and its partners have demonstrated leadership with action that is positively impacting our community. Successes include:

Published 18 climate change research studies, including:

Supported climate action plans for the County of San Diego and 17 Regional Cities, including:

Forged 50+ partnerships, including co-founding two influential collaboratives:

Building Partnerships

The success of the Climate Initiative relies on partnerships with organizations through the support of generous funders including:

  • Kresge Foundation
  • Qualcomm Charitable Foundation
  • Bank of American Foundation
  • Wildspaces, LLC
  • Marisla Foundation
  • Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation
  • Blasker-Rose-Miah Fund at The San Diego Foundation

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