In 1975, The San Diego Community Foundation (later renamed San Diego Foundation) was born thanks to a group of civically engaged San Diegans who recognized the need for a charitable organization that could engage philanthropy to serve community needs and philanthropic causes in San Diego County.

Pioneering San Diego leaders established the Foundation and shaped its early impact.

San Diego Foundation Founders

We thank our founders for their foresight in creating an innovative approach to community philanthropy, and we thank each generous donor and dedicated partner for their sincere desire to realize just, equitable and resilient communities.

  • Phil Klauber, SDG&E executive
  • Don Morgan, United Way of San Diego executive
  • Jim Gillean, Bank of America executive
  • Anderson Borthwick, Union Bank executive
  • Dwight Stanford, attorney
  • Jim Mulvaney, attorney
  • Carl Ensenoff, accountant
  • Ted Gildred, Jr., The Gildred Foundation

Inaugural Board of Governors

  • Philip M. Klauber (president)
  • James Mulvaney (vice president)
  • Theodore E. Gildred (vice president)
  • Robertson Whittemore (secretary)
  • Don Morgan (treasurer)
  • James W. Archer
  • William F. Black
  • John F. Borchers
  • Anderson Borthwick
  • Malin Burnham
  • Pauline des Granges
  • Carl M. Ensenoff
  • Willis H. Fletcher
  • James M. Gillean
  • Robert M. Golden
  • Edmund W. Hill
  • George Palmer

Our History

Our Milestones