Our Vision

Just, equitable, and resilient communities.

Our Mission

We inspire enduring philanthropy and enable community solutions to improve the quality of life in our region.

We Value:

All People

We act with integrity and respect for one another and the communities we serve.

All Partners

We engage diverse perspectives to foster collaboration and innovative solutions.

Our Region

Together, we strive for an inclusive community where everyone has equitable access to opportunity.

Guiding Principles

We adhere to a deeply ethical approach to philanthropy, one that holds ourselves accountable to being a trustworthy partner and to approaching our work with humility and respect for the expertise of the communities we serve and of the government, nonprofit, business sectors and individuals with whom we collaborate.

We will be open-minded, learn constantly, seek diverse voices, listen carefully to different experiences and perspectives, build strong and diverse coalitions, support community engagement, and engage in shared and equitable decision-making. We are ready to partner with you to make an impact on our communities’ most pressing needs.

*With grateful acknowledgment to the many nonprofit organizations whose work on articulating their principles and values helped inform our discussions and development of these principles.

“Our work will not be complete until everyone who calls San Diego home has the opportunity to prosper, thrive and feel like they belong.”

Mark Stuart, CFRE
President and Chief Executive Officer

About Our Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is the distilled expression of the San Diego Foundation priorities for the next five years. It rolls up to a vision that may take 10 years to achieve and will be supported by annual operational plans.

Looking for more information about what our Strategic Plan means for our region, or for you as a partner of the San Diego Foundation? Read frequently asked questions about the strategic plan.



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