As San Diego’s only regional community foundation, we are committed to just, equitable and resilient communities across our county.

While commercial banks and private foundations are capable of managing the compliance and basic functionality of many charitable funds, we provide world-class philanthropic services and benefits for donors who prioritize impact and their region.

Our fund fees are reinvested back into San Diego communities through programmatic work, staff support and grantmaking, a key differentiator from a private foundation or a commercial gift fund where fees benefit stakeholders.

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Comparison Chart: Charitable Sponsors

Community Foundation (SDF) Private Foundation Commercial Gift Fund
Startup costs
Grant anonymously
Annual taxes
Annual 5% payout required
Maximum tax benefits
Grant and admin services
Form 990 required
Community knowledge
Fees re-invested into community
Network with local donors
Philanthropic advisors
Donor owns brand

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Your philanthropy is personal, and we are here to help you by delivering world-class service and promptly responding to your needs.

Our experienced staff understands the technical complexities of charitable giving and helps simplify the process. We are your personal support team here to help you manage your fund(s) and give confidently.

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