The COVID-19 pandemic brought many inequities to light, including job opportunities and mental and behavioral health resources, and reopened a discussion on the disparities that exist across different communities.

Health equity is especially relevant because its implications include economic and health care costs, and quality and duration of life.

Since 2006, San Diego Foundation has led the call for regional action to reduce global warming pollution, facilitating collaborative efforts to prepare the region for the long-lasting impacts of climate change.

Our Parks for Everyone research report underscores the fact that many low-income, ethnically diverse communities have limited access to parks and open spaces which promote many health benefits.

The Building Resilient Communities pillar of our Strategic Plan invests in long-term solutions that ensure all San Diegans have equitable access to nature and the outdoors, and the resiliency to adapt to the impacts of climate change and increased mental health and behavioral impacts, as well as the skill-building and education needed to access higher-paying jobs amid a growing economy.

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