Donor-Advised Funds

Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes. Let us work with you to customize a giving profile that matches your needs and passions. We partner with individuals, nonprofit organizations and businesses to establish endowment and non-endowment funds that are effective, and deliver the strongest regional impact and greatest tax benefits.

Learn what type of fund is best for you.

For individuals:

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds help you to be actively involved in the granting process. Funds are managed and administered by The San Diego Foundation, but the donor advises The Foundation about preferences regarding grant recipients, grant amounts and fund permanence. Donor-advised funds receive the maximum tax benefits and the donor is not responsible for the tax filings.

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Legacy Funds

Legacy funds allow you to give part of your estate to continue your vision of providing equity, opportunity and prosperity to future generations and the causes you care about. By deciding how you would like an estate gift to be managed, The San Diego Foundation will steward your legacy fund with accuracy, stability and integrity to ensure your intentions are honored, now and forever.

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Scholarships Funds

With Scholarship funds, you can give the gift of education and support future generations through our Community Scholarship Program, the largest private non-university scholarship program in the county. Your gift provides an opportunity for students to realize their higher education dreams. Our team works with you to determine the most appropriate scholarship plan for your goals in supporting youth education.

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For nonprofit organizations and business:

Agency Endowment Funds

Savvy nonprofit organizations that plan for the future find that Agency funds provide vital ongoing operational support. With a permanent and sustainable form of funding through an endowment, a nonprofit can continue to provide vital community services for generations to come. Agency funds at The Foundation help organizations invest in their futures.

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Corporate Funds

Corporate funds help businesses build socially-responsible organizations that increase the bottom line, engage shareholders and strengthen employee retention. The Foundation works with businesses to develop corporate philanthropy strategies for valuable local community leadership to sustain a vibrant region.

Mitigation Funds

Mitigation funds offset the adverse environmental impacts of new development by paying for permanent land and species preservation. The Foundation manages more than 80 mitigation funds valued at over $30 million supporting conservation of more than 14,000 acres of land on behalf of California developers, general contractors, utilities, and other public agencies to facilitate their social responsibility well into the future.

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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds facilitate charitable giving for organizations and businesses that value supporting youth education. Our giving experts provide fund flexibility with both employer- and employee-driven plans to create a vibrant region and support the educational goals of future San Diego leaders.

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The San Diego Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization making all donations tax-exempt.

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