If you’re a San Diego philanthropist, you know being charitable goes beyond donating money. In fact, we recently highlighted a list of 25 Ways to Be a San Diego Philanthropist. Please share ways that you’re philanthropic in the comments below.

And while those action items may have sparked some ideas about how you can be more civically engaged in our region, we also have a list of inspiring examples from your peers in the community.

Below, check out some admirable locals who are leading the San Diego philanthropy charge by giving their time, talent and treasure.

Giving Their Time

Cheryl Cox
Cheryl Cox is the former mayor of Chula Vista and spent years working alongside business and community leaders to support the needs of our diverse community. She learned quickly that collaboration is the key to success.
Learn how Cox gives her time to make community work >

Cliff and Carolyn Colwell
When not enjoying San Diego’s natural resources, Cliff and Carolyn Colwell are tirelessly working to protect them. These two longtime San Diego residents are most comfortable out in nature.
Learn how the Colwells give their time to protect San Diego’s environment >

Sonya Parker
Volunteer Sonya Parker gives her time each year to assist our Community Scholarships Program. Sonya interviews scholarship applicants and helps them reach their educational and life goals.
Learn about Sonya’s experience as a scholarship evaluator >

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Giving Their Talent

 Sean Griser, Panchito Martinez, Nitya Timalsina
Inspirational stories come in all shapes and sizes. Sean, Panchito and Nitya are some of San Diego’s youngest innovators, and share their talents in music, mentorship and leadership to help create positive change in San Diego.
Learn how these millennials are making an impact in your community and beyond >

Jill Hall
Jill is a former inner city public school educator who believes everyone has the potential to be an artist. She enjoys helping others find their creative paths through workshops, retreats and artist networks.
Learn about Jill’s commitment to teaching and supporting arts education and our creative economy >

Dede and Michael Alpert
Dede and Michael dedicate their time, talent and treasure to help at-risk youth overcome hurdles, such as homelessness, access to higher education, and economic support.
Learn how this couple give at-risk youth a fighting chance >

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Giving Their Treasure

Jack Raymond
Hollyce Phillips, Board Member at The San Diego Foundation, summarizes Jack’s tenacity perfectly: “Jack is the energizer bunny of philanthropy; he keeps going and going, and giving and giving.”
Learn how Jack raises the bar for the region and those who believe in its future >

Pat Tisdale & Bob Schroeder
Pat and Bob believe deeply in the power of education and the impact it can have on youth who are not afforded as many opportunities. The couple has worked with some of the region’s most oft-forgotten communities for decades.
Find out how Pat and Bob give back to San Diego >

Salim & Franciose Shah, Bonnie and Krishna Arora
Many of our region’s cultural attractions exist today because of support from charitable San Diegans. For two local couples, the Shahs and Aroras, the reason for giving is a cultural one.
Learn about the Shahs and Aroras unique approach to San Diego philanthropy >

Take Action

With your support and the efforts of all San Diego philanthropists, we’re building a movement for positive change and are prepared to meet future uncertainties head on.

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