Why is Teacher Diversity Important?

Access to a racially and culturally diverse teachers is beneficial for all students, particularly for students of color, who often thrive in classrooms led by teachers that share their race and culture.

Social-Emotional Learning and College Readiness

Social-emotional learning (SEL), also referred to as “soft skills,” is important for every student to be successful. At its core, it plants the seeds for students to excel academically, fosters healthy relationships with others, and gives students the skills to become more empathetic and understanding citizens.

What is Expanded Learning?

Expanded learning helps at-promise students access to resources that can help them meet local educational standards.

Examining College Attainment & COVID-19

During our third Enabling Community Solutions webinar, speakers and local experts engaged in a discussion about the impacts of COVID-19 on higher education and college attainment.

How Scholarships Can Change A Life

Learn how the Community Scholarships Program and Community Scholars Initiative help hundreds more low-income and first-generation students prepare for, pay for and persist through college.
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