One needs to look no further than #GivingTuesday ($116.7 million donated globally on December 1), to find that the end of the year represents the season of giving.

In our community, San Diegans are known to be extremely generous, as illustrated in our 2015 Annual Report.

But why do donors give?

To find out, we asked them two questions:

  1. Why do you give to San Diego?
  2. Why did you choose The San Diego Foundation as your charitable giving partner?

Their answers below are insightful. Learn how you can join their collective effort to grow a more vibrant region.

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Why Do You Give to San Diego?

“In many ways, philanthropy is the best and most efficient way to meet social challenges. I want to be a part of that and do what I can to help people, and enhance the environment.” – Jack Raymond, Chairman and CEO, Raymond Companies

“I think San Diego is one of the most special places on the planet and I want to help to improve it for future generations.” – Janie DeCelles, former Long Term Care Specialist and San Diego Regional Disaster Board Member

“I believe that giving back to your community in whatever manner and to what degree you are able is simply the right thing to do.” – Hollyce Phillips, Board Member at The San Diego Foundation and Founding Member of the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation

“While there are opportunities to give in many parts of the world, it’s wonderful to personally see positive change in our local schools, on our streets and in our community.” – Tasha Wahl, ‎Executive Director, Wahl Foundation

“We believe that even the smallest contributions can make an impact. By involving ourselves in the community and giving back, we recognize the importance of empathy. This perspective helps understand the role we can play in our community and fuels our passion to support those who may not have as much as others do.” – Natalie Muth, Pediatrician and Bob Muth, ‎ Supervising Attorney for the Veterans Legal Clinic at USD

Give to San Diego

Why Did You Choose The San Diego Foundation As Your Charitable Giving Partner?

“I value the power of collective philanthropy that is achieved through The San Diego Foundation.  Individually, one can move stones. Collectively, we can move mountains.” – Hollyce Phillips

“I choose to give through The Foundation because it has V.I.P. status! “V” stands for Vision. “I” actually stands for three things: Integrity, Information, and Investment. “P” stands for People. I have the utmost respect for TSDF leadership team and for all the active community volunteers who serve on the Board and the committees. They are the pulse of San Diego and I admire their wisdom.” – Kim Doren, CEO, WOW

“TSDF provides endless resources for vetting nonprofits to ensure that my philanthropic dollars are used appropriately. Back in 1999, my late aunt chose to work with TSDF, establishing an endowment fund, with me as the advisor to the fund. Over the years, my grantmaking has continued my close relationship with my aunt and allowed me to give to many different organizations and ensure her enduring legacy.” – Janie DeCelles

“The primary attribute that distinguishes TSDF from other community foundations is its many local charitable affiliates, and its outreach program. It supports local residents providing local philanthropy to local nonprofits and programs. This continually introduces new people to charitable causes in their local communities.” – Jack Raymond

“The San Diego Foundation has been an excellent collaborative partner as we UNthink the future of our giving.” – Tasha Wahl

What About You? Share with us in the comments below why you give back to San Diego! Or learn how to become a donor with The San Diego Foundation and help enrich the lives of all San Diegans.

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