“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.” – Tahir Shah

Stories of generosity are abundant at The San Diego Foundation. We are sharing These stories because the values our donors share bind us together in philanthropy and community.

Through story telling we make connections. Through stories, we touch hearts and minds.  Our stories can inspire, create hope, and even give validation to and for people and places.

At our annual Donor & Legacy League Appreciation, we recognized San Diego Foundation donors for their philanthropy, generosity and commitment to community. All of our donors – from donor-advised fund holders to legacy league members – are influential and imperative in creating opportunity for all of San Diego.

San Diego Women Changemakers

While all philanthropists have their own stories to tell, three San Diego women changemakers who are also donors at The San Diego Foundation took center stage during the luncheon to share their personal stories of generosity.  We were honored, humbled and most appreciative of the time they gave us.

Dede Alpert, Darcy Bingham and Alicia Gwynn are no strangers to public service. For years, they have continued to improve the quality of life for San Diegans with a focus on San Diego youth.

As a former California State Senator, Dede devoted her time in public office to help California children, with an emphasis on advocating for children’s health and foster youth. She continues her advocacy as a private citizen and gives generously to support the wellbeing of children to this day.

Darcy has focused her philanthropy on providing scholarships to San Diego’s next generation of leaders, recognizing and awarding students who may not the meet academic criteria for other scholarships. She is also committed to raising awareness about The San Diego Foundation Fund for the Future, which supports future, unforeseen challenges and opportunities in our region.

Alicia and her husband, the late Tony Gwynn, have raised more than 40 children, the majority foster youth, in their home. Although Tony was a celebrated athlete, the couple consistently taught that character was more important than athletics – a philosophy Alicia continues to live by.

Our entire team thanks all those in our communities that are creating their own stories of generosity.