If you know an aspiring high school senior, a current San Diego-based college student, a graduate or military student, or an adult planning to re-enter college, please help us spread the word that The San Diego Foundation 2016-2017 Common Scholarship Application is now open!

Through the Common Scholarship Application, The San Diego Foundation annually supports hundreds of San Diego County residents in their path to college success. And as individuals who achieve college success are likely to have a higher quality of life, The Foundation wants to ensure the cost of higher education does not prevent individuals from realizing their dreams.

Nationally, this year’s graduating class of 2015 had the most student debt in U.S. history, graduating with an average $35,051 in debt. The continual increase of college costs is a financial obstacle many students cannot manage alone.

Community Scholarship Program

As such, The San Diego Foundation Community Scholarship Program helped to reduce that financial burden for more than 1,000 local students by awarding $2.3 million in scholarship grants this year.

With support from our generous donors, The Foundation continues to be the largest scholarship provider in San Diego County, outside the university system.

Since not every prospective college student is transitioning from high school, the application also includes opportunities for adults re-entering college, graduate students, and military students. San Diego students from all backgrounds will have access to more than 100 different scholarship awards with just one online application.

Of those awards, nearly half will support students for more than their first year of college. With the average college student taking 6 years to graduate, likely a result of increased costs, renewable scholarships will serve as an important resource for college retention.

The San Diego Foundation wants to provide students the chance to focus more on their academics and less on tuition stresses, allowing them to attain their education goals and ultimately pursue their dreams after college. The average scholarship award ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 and aims to fill any financial aid gaps.

If you are a prospective student living in San Diego, begin your scholarship application and take the next step toward attaining your college degree and your educational goals!

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About Kelli O’Merry

Kelli O'MerryTo ensure students across the San Diego region have the opportunity for educational success, Kelli manages outreach for scholarships offered through The Foundation, reaching out to local schools and nonprofits affiliated with youth. Kelli also serves as the primary contact for students and schools during the scholarship application process and award distribution process.