Common Scholarship Application

Applications Are Now Closed

Applicants will be notified by June 1, 2021

Who Is Eligible?

Even if you’re not a straight-A, star athlete or student body president, we have scholarship opportunities if you have:

  • Commitment to your education
  • Potential for success in college
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Participation in community service, extracurricular activities and/or work experience
  • Current residence in San Diego County (for at least one year)
  • Need of help to pay for school (including middle-income families)
  • A completed FAFSA or CA Dream Act and Student Aid Report (SAR). This is necessary for all applicants. Recommendation: Please start ASAP as this information is needed to fill out the application.
  • The 2021-2022 academic year for FAFSA opens October 1.


If you have a question regarding the Common Scholarship Application, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

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My full-time enrollment status has changed due to COVID-19. Will this affect my current or future scholarship awards? ►
My school is now grading by pass or fail. Will this affect the GPA requirement for my scholarship award? ►
I am committing to a college later than planned or have decided to attend a different college due to changes related to COVID-19. Will that affect my scholarship award? ►
How can I access the 2021-2022 Common Scholarship Application? ►
How do I prepare for the Common Scholarship Application? ►
What types of scholarships are offered by The San Diego Foundation? ►
How many scholarships and how much money do you award each year? ►
How much does it cost to apply for a scholarship? ►
Do I have to be a resident of San Diego County to apply for your scholarships? ►
I do not qualify for financial aid through my school. Am I still eligible? ►
I am not a straight-A student or athlete. Am I still eligible? ►
Can I apply for and receive more than one scholarship? ►
In the application, you ask for my financial information but my parents have not yet completed their taxes. How should I gather my financial information? ►
How will my application be evaluated? ►
What are my chances of receiving a scholarship? ►
Will I be interviewed during the application process? ►
When will I be notified about the outcome of my application? ►
If I am selected as a recipient, how much will I receive? ►
What will my scholarship pay for? ►
If I already have all the funding I need for this school year, can I defer my scholarship to next year? ►
Will my scholarship check be sent directly to me? ►
If I receive a scholarship one year, will I automatically receive it the next year? ►
If I change schools, will my scholarship be transferred to my new school? ►
Is my scholarship taxable? ►
Do I need to pay back my scholarship? ►

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