The San Diego region is known as one of the most generous communities nationwide. Charity Navigator recently named us America’s Most Charitable City and The State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy annual report revealed that 48 percent of San Diego households contributed money to nonprofit organizations in 2016.

The value of philanthropy is a no-brainer here in San Diego.

The San Diego Foundation team works with San Diegans, including families, companies and agencies, every day who give because they believe in helping where there is a need in our community and trust the work and impact of local programs.

State of Nonprofits Report

The State of Nonprofits report reveals that 88 percent of San Diegans trust the work being done the nonprofit sector, as compared to 71 percent and 55 percent for the corporate sector and government, respectively.

42 Years of Impact

In FY 2017, The Foundation and its donors provided more than $50.9 million in the form of 5,686 grants to 1,714 nonprofit organizations that serve community needs.

Added together with years prior, that amounts to $1.75 billion in impact in the San Diego region.

Since 1975, The Foundation has granted more than $1 billion and, thanks to its generous network of donors, currently has an asset base of $773 million all for the purpose of helping support the nonprofit community and enacting positive social change.

San Diego Foundation Annual Report Grants

Those millions invested during FY 2017 span across a long list of social impact areas, including:

  • $12,334,422 to support the health and well-being of individuals and families
  • $11,751,466 to help educate our future leaders
  • $9,662,398 to create and expand arts & culture in the region
  • $7,260,432 to promote a more engaged and civil society
  • $5,838,417 to protect our local environment and increase access to nature
  • $1,993,430 to develop our young people
What social impact area are you most passionate about?
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Each dollar represents a unique story of a San Diegan who has benefitted from the generosity of the community – from Jawid Habib, who received a scholarship through The Foundation years ago and now helps others as a defense attorney at Littler Mendelson P.C., to aspiring scientist Gloria Diaz who benefitted from the California State University San Marcos STEM Summer Scholars program.

Our community is strong thanks to the many philanthropists who are leaving a positive legacy in the region.

The San Diego Foundation is an example of a community organization that helps maximize the impact of charitable giving. Together, as a collective nonprofit community working with government, business, academia and others, we are advancing quality of life in San Diego County.

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What social impact area are you most passionate about? Share them with us in the comments below!