Endowment funds at The San Diego Foundation are powerful tools that local philanthropists can use to give today and for generations to come.

Because they grow wealth over time and their principal is never spent, endowment funds help San Diegans positively impact the region forever.

While there are several ways to structure endowment funds, including donor-advised funds, scholarship funds, corporate funds and more, all share a common objective: Provide support not just for one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity.

Create an Enduring Legacy

With the word “perpetuity” in mind, many San Diego philanthropists decide to leave their legacy with an endowment fund.

These funds, known as Legacy Funds, allow you to give part of your estate to continue your vision of providing equity, opportunity and prosperity to future generations and the causes you care about.

One such San Diegan was Philip Monroe Klauber.

As a tribute to this legacy and civic obligation to make a difference in San Diego, Philip and his wife Detty June Klauber committed part of their estate to establish the PM & DJ Klauber Charitable Trust, an unrestricted legacy endowment fund from which earnings will be used to meet the greatest needs of the region.

Philip and his family were honored last year at The San Diego Foundation’s annual luncheon for Legacy League members.

Like the Klaubers, many other San Diego families have found a legacy fund to be a great way to pass on their philanthropic passion from one generation to the next.

Types of Legacy Funds

There are six different ways you can give a gift in the form of a legacy fund:

  1. Will or Living Trust
  2. Qualified Retirement Plan
  3. Charitable Remainder Trust
  4. Charitable Lead Trust
  5. Charitable Gift Annuity
  6. Life Insurance

Learn more about different types of Legacy Funds here >

Leaving Your Legacy

By opening a legacy fund, you will join a long list of San Diegans who are committed to creating a lasting impact on our region. You can establish a legacy fund today by setting up a planned gift. Legacy funds have no assets in them until a gift is received from an estate.

Our philanthropic advisors are experts in creating legacy funds that maximize tax benefits and your impact on your community.

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