San Diego lives up to its name, “America’s Finest City,” every day, thanks to the legacy and generosity of countless San Diegans.

From conserving the region’s natural environment to supporting arts and diversity, generations of local leaders have ensured the region will continue to thrive through the support of endowed legacy funds.

San Diego Foundation annually recognizes these individuals who have committed their estate to make a lasting impact on the region.

Legacy League members Hollyce Phillips and Kim Doren have spoken about their commitment to future generations. Each valued the fact that by committing part of their estate to unrestricted funds at San Diego Foundation they will forever support the shifting needs of the region.

Another notable legacy donor is Philip Klauber.

A Leader Committed to His Region

Philip Monroe Klauber was born in San Diego in 1915 to a family of community leaders. His grandfather, Abraham Klauber, started one of the oldest companies in the city. At the same time, his father, Laurence Klauber, was a prominent businessman, serving as Chairman and CEO of San Diego Gas & Electric. Philip’s mother, Grace Gould Klauber, was a tireless community leader and longtime champion of what is now the United Way of San Diego.

Growing up an Eagle Scout in San Diego, Philip knew the importance of civic engagement early on. After spending time in New York during WWII following college at Stanford, Philip returned home to San Diego and became deeply involved throughout the community.

Legacy Funds - Philip Klauber

While working alongside his father at SDG&E, Philip served as president and member of a long list of San Diego’s nonprofit organizations, later earning him the informal moniker “San Diego’s local historian,” thanks to his penchant for copious note-taking.

He believed his civic obligation was to make a difference in San Diego. From volunteering on numerous boards to his leadership as a founder of what is now San Diego Foundation, there are dozens of San Diego organizations in existence today that Philip helped build.

As a tribute to this legacy, Philip and his wife Detty June Klauber committed part of their estate to establish the PM & DJ Klauber Charitable Trust, an unrestricted legacy endowment fund from which earnings will be used to meet the region’s greatest needs.

Build Your Charitable Legacy

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