COVID-19 has brought unprecedented disruption to our region’s education system.

“We have seen tremendous loss during this pandemic,” shared Tamara Craver, CEO of Reality Changers, a local nonprofit organization that prepares youth to become first-generation college graduates and agents of change in their communities.

One Reality Changers student was working at a family-run store in place of her mother because both parents had COVID-19. As a result, this student’s responsibility to support her family became a priority over her studies, and her grades began to fall by the wayside.

Many students are experiencing similar circumstances – having to help their families and even support younger siblings with their studies, neglecting their own.

Despite the resilience of our students and teachers, national fall college enrollment among the high school class of 2020 decreased 22 percent from the previous year, with even steeper drops among students of color and students facing income and other barriers looking to pursue a higher education.

In the third installment of our Enabling Community Solutions Webinar Series, learn about the impact of the pandemic on higher education and college attainment in San Diego, and the possible long-term consequences on our region’s workforce.

Panelists included:

  • Tamara Craver, President and CEO, Reality Changers
  • Monica Lozano, President and CEO, College Futures Foundation
  • Dr. Paul Gothold, Superintendent, San Diego County Office of Education
  • Michelle Jaramillo, Director, Education Initiatives, The San Diego Foundation

Our Senior Director of Donor and Community Engagement Katie Sawyer moderated this insightful conversation on navigating recovery in the education space during-and-after the pandemic. View the webinar and share your thoughts or questions in the comments below.