Happy Holidays!

We’re so pleased to have celebrated over 10 years of giving back to 4SRanch and Del Sur this year. Throughout this last decade, the 4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation (4SCF) has granted more than $266,000 to support nonprofit organizations and has built an endowment of nearly $120,000, generating over $380,000 worth of impact in our communities.

As we celebrate this special year and welcome a new one, we are excited to see what the next decade will bring!

Join me in welcoming new and returning 4SCF members:

  • Jeffrey and Heather Dugdale (founding members)
  • Steven and Leigh Lewis
  • Piacere Mio
  • Jesse and Judy Simeroth
  • Nick Wall

Deanne Hormovitis
Board Chair

2018 Grants Celebration

On May 16, nearly 200 community members gathered to enjoy the 4SCF 2018 Grants Celebration and Community Block Party. At the event, six nonprofit organizations received grants to support programs positively impacting the local community.

The event also included a live fire demonstration by the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District, interactive booths and a performance by North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids.

North County Gymnastics and Gyminny Kids

The 4SCF 2018 Grants Celebration and Block Party featured a performance by North County Gymnastics and Gyminny Kids.

Building Local Students into Leaders

For the 2018 grant cycle, 4SCF invested in organizations that address the health and well-being of youth, families and individuals in 4SRanch and Del Sur. Programs include working to reduce food insecurity for older adults, promoting physical fitness among children and bringing arts experiences to local residents of all ages.

Among the 2018 grantees is SOLE Effects (Stepping Out into Leadership Experiences), an organization that aims to grow strong leaders through influential role models, research-based programming and leadership experiences.

Today, teens face a number of academic and social challenges that make it harder for them to thrive inside and outside the classroom. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 30 percent of high school students in California reported depression-related symptoms.

To help equip students with the necessary skills to manage their mental health and emotional well-being, SOLE Effects implements the SWITCH Expedition, an in school, research-based leadership program taught by college-age mentors. With the grant, SOLE Effects will enroll more than 200 ninth grade students at Del Norte High School in the SWITCH Expedition program throughout the 2019 school year.

SOLE Effects Students

SOLE Effects will use the $5,500 4SCF grant to enroll more than 200 ninth grade students at Del Norte High School in the SWITCH Expedition program.

“The 4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation grant will allow us to refine and enrich our SWITCH program, bringing a team of exceptional college leaders to equip local students to navigate their lives toward healthy choices,” stated Karen Ogden, President & CEO of SOLE Effects.

“We are confident these students will go on to become influential leaders among younger students, peers and families, and continue to grow an even stronger and more connected 4S Ranch and Del Sur community,” she shared.

12th Annual Grant Cycle

For our 2019 grant cycle, 4SCF invites nonprofit organizations and agencies to submit proposals for programs that address youth development and education, with an emphasis on health, well-being and self-sufficiency.

To achieve the greatest impact, 4SCF will fund programs that involve collaborative efforts, specifically those bringing together a variety of stakeholders.

Eligible nonprofit organizations serving 4SRanch and Del Sur may submit proposals up to $7,500. Additionally, projects should be practical, achievable within a 12-month time frame, and have prospects for long-term sustainability.

Application Deadline: Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 12:00pm.

3 Ways to Increase Your Impact in 2018

We hope that you will encourage friends and neighbors to support our community through 4SCF.

Our mission is to preserve the quality of life, protect what is good and create a better future for the 4SRanch and Del Sur communities, making this a better place to live, work and play.

We’re wishing everyone an enjoyable holiday season and Happy New Year!

As 2018 nears its end and you finalize your year-end charitable giving decisions, please consider three ways to increase your impact in 4SRanch and Del Sur:

  1. Renew Your Membership Online
  2. Upgrade Your Membership Level
  3. Refer a Friend to Our Affiliate