“Creativity, meaning, resilience, health and even longevity can be enhanced as a surprising byproduct of contributing to the lives of others.”
Dr. Stephen Post
Author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping and Why Good Things Happen to Good People

If you’re a San Diego philanthropist, your focus is probably on who you can help and how you can help. But have you ever thought about how being a philanthropist provides personal benefits for you, too?

Here are five ways giving is good for you, your family and your business.

How Does Being A Philanthropist Bring Joy To Your Life?
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5 Benefits of Being a San Diego Philanthropist

  1. Philanthropy makes you happier.
    Brain scans show the mere thought of helping others by planning to make a donation makes people happier. Such thoughts activate the mesolimbic pathway in the brain that is associated with happiness and production of dopamine. People who give report an improved sense of well-being, lower stress levels, better physical health, enhanced emotional health, an enriched sense of purpose in life and increased happiness.
  2. Begin addressing the region’s problems, right now.
    Passionate about the environment? Support a climate initiative. Worried about helping future generations? Help build enduring assets for our region. Care about education? Create a scholarship fund. With so many social impact areas in San Diego, you don’t need to look too hard to find a cause that meets your passion. And you can start making an impact right away by giving your time, talent or treasure.
  3. The ripple effect.
    Studies show that when one person behaves generously, it inspires observers to behave generously later, creating a ripple effect throughout your neighborhood. Without knowing it, you could influence hundreds or even thousands of San Diegans through your acts of generosity and paying it forward. This giving is even more evident in giving circles.
  4. Giving brings families together.
    Families who give together, stay together. When consistently demonstrated to younger family members, values such as civic engagement, volunteerism and generosity help create a shared understanding for how resources should be prioritized. Shared experiences create a history of caring for one’s community that can be passed down over time to future generations.
  5. Philanthropy benefits your business.
    Happy employees help business thrive, which is one of the reasons why corporations benefit from being philanthropic. Companies experience improved employee recruitment, productivity, retention, engagement and loyalty from strategic community investment. This is one tactic small businesses can use to compete against larger businesses and larger budgets for top talent.

Get Involved

Now that you know the benefits of being a San Diego philanthropist, take action and start your philanthropic journey. It’s never too late to join forces with your fellow San Diegans who are getting involved to improve our region, our cities and our neighborhoods.

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How does being a San Diego philanthropist bring joy to your life? Let us know in the comments below!