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High School Student Internships have resulted in:




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Workforce of the Future

As outlined in a recent report from the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and the Brookings Institution, San Diego is an innovation powerhouse. Despite this great potential, not all San Diegans benefit from the advances of the innovation economy.

Our region needs more highly skilled workers to maintain its competitive edge. We fund High School Student Internships programs that promote access to high-quality, career-rich paid internships for underrepresented high schoolers in San Diego.

Inclusive growth — with a focus on equity — is crucial to building a resilient, regional economy, especially for San Diego’s innovation sector, which accounts for the majority of local economic activity.

All students should have the opportunity to explore and pursue fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that lead to innovation economy jobs and a robust, diverse talent pool for local businesses. By focusing on young adults, we have the opportunity to strengthen the workforce of the future.

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