We are deeply grateful to the thousands of individuals, businesses and TSDF Donor-Advised Fund donor-advised fundholders at The San Diego Foundation who have come together to support our region’s most vulnerable communities through the San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund. From March – June 2020, through their donor-advised funds, hundreds of San Diego Foundation donors granted more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations. Support for the Community Response Fund is collective giving at its best, maximizing the impact of every donation and every grant made.


County of San Diego
Hervey Family Fund
San Diego Gas & Electric

Qualcomm Foundation


News8 logo
Dr. Seuss Fund
Alliance Healthcare Foundation
Blue Shield of California Foundation
The California Endowment
Diane Johnson Charitable Fund
Wells Fargo
David and Lesley Cohn
BQuest Foundation
Greg Koch
Casey Family Programs
The Garbaczewski Family
Colonel Frank C. Wood Memorial Fund
Olson Family Fund
M. House Family Fund
Bosch Milk Fund


Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes
Benedict Adelson
The Alpert Family Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Drs. Rae and Mike Anderson
Barney & Barney Foundation
Beckman-Matsui Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Beyster Family Foundation Fund
Blue Cross of California
The Bradbury Family
Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Bumble Trading Inc.
The Burns Family Charitable Fund
The Carlsbad Charitable Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Cohn Family Trust
Conner Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Cox Charities Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Craft-DeMeules Family Fund
Davis Family Legacy Fund
Una Davis
Deloitte Services LP
Michael and Regina Dowd
Dr. Bronner’s
Eli Lilly & Company
Phyllis Epstein Fund
The Escondido Community Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
H.G. Fenton Company Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
First United Methodist Church
Willis and Jane Fletcher Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Foundation Medicine, Inc.
G.A. Foundation
General Dynamics NASSCO
Carrie and James Greenstein
Northrop Grumman
Jill G. Hall Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Booz Allen Hamilton
Hart Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Hering Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Hyver Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust
Robert Woods Johnson Foundation via League of California Community Foundations

JPM Chase Foundation
Barry La Forgia
The Lampl Family Foundation
Alan G Lehman and Jane A Lehman Foundation
Gary and Leslie Leupold
The MacDonald Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Manna Charitable Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Thomas Mcfadden
Mericos Foundation
Elena Mickelson
Tom Wetherald and Sydney Miller
Moxie Foundation
Brian Neel
The Nixon Family
The Oceanside Charitable Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Payne Family Foundation
PM – Lindor Giving Fund
Quality Care Foundation
The Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Realty Income Corporation
John G. Rebelo, Jr. Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Retrophin, Inc.
Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Robin Advised Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Rotary Club of San Diego Foundation
Satterberg Foundation
Schneider Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Nancy T. Schubert Memorial Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Sempra Energy Foundation
Silicon Valley Bank
Target Corporation
TEGNA Foundation
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
U.S. Bank Foundation
Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation
Christian and Lina Waage
Walk Family Memorial Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
WD-40 Company Memory Making Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
The Witman Family

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The 4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
James Abbott
Actblue Charities
Marc Aldredge
The Fayman Alexander Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Anaheim Ducks Foundation, Inc.
Jean Anderson
Michael Anderson
Todd and Adrienne Anderson
Lisa Armstrong
Krishna and Bonnie Arora Charitable Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Baker Family
Brad Baldwin
Bannister Hall Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Vicki and Moises Baron
Barton-Tomlinson Service Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Caroline Battey
Liz Baun
Bear Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
J. Scott Benson
Bruce Binder
Darcy and Robert Bingham Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Black River Systems
Kimberley Boehm
Marcus F. Boehm and Kimberley Phillips Boehm
Michael and Karin Borchard
Matthew Borger
Richard and Marilynn Boynton
Boys & Girls Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
John and Marion Brooks
Jan Chatten Brown
Albert Bruton
Joe and Gillian Buchan
John and Jackie Buck
Robert Buckingham
Christa Burke
Ken and Sheri Burtt
C. and A. Foster Family Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Cabrillo Charitable Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Nicholas Canelo
Maria and Corey Carrera and Fayman
Maria Carrera
Constance Carroll
Michael Carson
Cavignac & Associates Employee Charity Fund
CBRE, Inc. Foundation
CDM Foundation
Peter Chang
Chatmeter San Diego
Jan Chatten-Brown
Cheyney Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Amanda Chin
Randall Christison
The Chula Vista Charitable Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
City of San Diego Retired Employees Association
Clark-17 Family
The Coddington Family
The Coddington Family
Codling Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Ron and Guadalupe Cohn Family Foundation
Coldwell Banker West Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Paul and Jan Collier
The Colwell Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Conley and O’Neil Families
Sean Courtney
Daniella Cramp
Gabriella Csizmadia
Howard Ziment, Josh Rossol and Emily Cuilty
Susan Curtin Fund4Girls TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Custom Ink LLC
Steve and Claire Dale
Spencer and Jean David
Andrew Davis
DeBeer Family Charitable Foundation
Nancy Dechter
Del Mar-Solana Beach Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Douglas Demuro
Ken and Denise Derrett
Deshmane Rajgopal Family
Dunning Family Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Christopher Duran
Lee Duran
Berit Durler
Mark Eby
Susan and Steve Ehrhardt
Margaret Elman
The Engel Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Dawn Evans-Yang
Fermanian Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Fettig Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Paul and Suzanne Fiedler
Fifth Generation, Inc.
Nathan Fletcher
Fode Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Gerald Foodman
Forbes Family Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Amy Foster Memorial Scholarship TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
John and Karen Frisch
Abel Galvan
Gay and Lesbian Fund for San Diego TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Jill Giesick
Glancy Family Charity Fund
Marvin Gomez
Steven Goud
Donald Gragg
John Grasberger
Dianne Gregg
Barbara and David Groce Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Grocery Grab
Palmer John Groenewold Jr.
Louis C. and Celia K. Grossberg Foundation
Susan Guenzel
Judy and Dave Halter
Mark Hamersly
Frederick L. Harris
Denise Hartnett
The Hecht Family
Ken Hedges
Susan Hendrickson
Paul Henkart
Paula Henkel and David Block Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Robin Henselmeier
Shirley Higgins
Jay Hill
Ken Hinds
Lawrence Hirsch
Hoenigman Family Fund
HomeStreet Foundation
Paul Horton
The Howe Family
Phil Imming
International Community Foundation
Nora Jaffe
Jason Jennings
Jennings Charitable Fund
The David and Leigh Johnson Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Kathy and Rob Jones
Joseph S. Weening Charitable Fund
John Joyce
Elaine Kalin
The Kassel Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Jeffrey and Ruth Kaufman
Koji Kimura
Ali and Linda Kiran Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Kim and Evan Kleber Karma Kitty Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Klosterman Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Knox Family Charitable Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Bill and Linda Kolb

Carolyn Konecki
Ellen Koutsky
Steve and Cindy Kowalk
KR Fund For Change TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
The Dianne and Larry Krasnow Charitable Fund
Janice and Matt Kurth
Lamade-Hopkins Charity Fund
Mark Land
Landers Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Jane Lane
The Tom and Linda Lang Family Fund
The League of Amazing Programmers
John and Anne Lee
Susan and Michael Lieberman Family
William Loy
Shaun Lucas
Christopher Lum
Randy Magdaluyo
MAKA (“Make America Kind Again”) Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Making A Difference Together Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Robert and Marcia Malkus
Malugen Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Jane and Jeff Marks
Isaac Martin
Jean Martinez
Mark Mason
Dan and DeAnn Maurer Charitable Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Mayer-Roberts Family
Imming McCabe
Michael McCloud
Dennis McConnell
Mike and Jenna McIntosh Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Mary McKenzie
Tom and Elaine Mckinley
Mark McLaren
Kevin Mcnees
Charles and Kathleen Mendenhall
Judith Menzel
Sieglinde Merwin Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Mesman Hallman Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Neil and Anna Mintz
Ann Intili Morey Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Valerie Dias and Mark Morgan
George and Janice Muller Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Daniel and Nancy Murphy
Tamarah Neuhaus
The Ning Family
Steve And Karen Norgaard
North County Eye Surgery Associates
John and Simone O’Connell
James O’Grady
Rick and Kat Odermatt
Katrina and Bruce Olson
Sabine and Allen Ostrofe
Rhonda and William Oxford
Benita Page
The Vann and Carol Parker Charitable Fund
Robert and Blanche Parsons
John and Erin Pasha
Patkar Family
The Paulson Family
L. Robert and Patricia L. Payne Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Travis Pearson
Marie Peirce
Larry Peranich
Petitt, Sandoval, Tárula Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
Point Loma Rotary
William Pope
Pamela Price
Jiang (John) Qian
Qualcomm Matching Grant Program
Alan Ramirez
Joe Ramsdell
Peter Reck
Anita Reith
The Reser Family Foundation
Kendall Reyzer
Maria and Garry Ridge Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Howard Robin TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Rokenbok Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
David Rose
Deborah Roth
John Rouse
John Rouse
Sheryl Rowling
The Roy Family
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
Colleen Saavedra
The Sagara Family Giving Fund
Mary Salas
James Sallis
G.P. Sammon
Julie Sands
Susan and Steve Schraeder
Shawn Schraeger
Katharine Schubert
Jeanne Ellen Scott Charitable Fund
SDG&E Community Relations
Julia Serences
Share the Wealth Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Meredith Sinclair
Kathryn Smith
Larry Smith
Steven R. and Lera B. Smith Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Marisa Sorbello
South Bay Cruisers Car Club Inc.
The Spencer and Jean Davis Charitable Gift Fund
Sprouts Farmer Market
Fern Steiner
The Stewart Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Mark Stuart
Jonelle Sullivan
Pam Fair and Glen Sullivan
Romaine Sullivan
Steven and Janice Sutton
Larry Swikard
James Sykora
TCJ Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Patrick and Carol Tellez
Laura Tezer
Kathryne and Richard Thorpe
The Tidwell-Reyes Family Fund
Kkmlrm Trust
Steven and Alice Secker Tsai
Chris and Rebecca Twomey Family Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Eugene Vaisberg
Voytek Family
Cynthia Walk Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Ann Walter
Gary Wardein
Warner Family Foundation Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Robin Weaver
Franz Weinhandl
Abby and Ray Weiss
Jeffrey Weitzen
Rachel Welland
Jacquelyn Werth
James E. and Kathryn A. Whistler Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Whole Foods Market
Suzi Wilkenfeld
Leo Willetts
H. Williams
Winder-Steed Fund for Positive Change TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Michael Woo-Ming
Alex Woodard
Jean Wright-Elson
Yixin Wu
Robert and Annette Wurl
Gwen Yager
Allyn Yamanouchi
Emma and Leo Zuckerman

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Under $1,000

Samantha Aaron
Ruth Abad
Kathleen Abbott
Charlene Abrahamson
Amy Abrams
Orlando T. and Elma G. Acio
Actblue Charities
William and Belle Adam
Craig Adams
Safina Ahmed
Maia Albano
Christine Albanrese
Briana Albertson
Richard Alcaraz
Sharon Alexopoulos
Kelly Alexy
Kimberly Alfred
Hayder Alhasani
Javier Alonso
Alpha Delta Kappa
Lauren Altick
Ilkay Altintas
Mohammad Amin
Kate Amos
Jeanette Ampudia
Peter Andersen
Adrienne Anderson
Janie Anderson
Michelle Anderson
Thomas Andrews
Branko Andrews
Leonard Angle
Alice Angus
Marcelino Aquino
Tirza Arad
Jeovany Aramburo
Rhonda Archard
Carmen Arciniega
Jose Arellano
Trudy Armstrong
Rebecca Arnold
Sam Arnsdorff
Henry Arrighi
John Artiaga
Linda Artiaga
Anne Artz
Christopher Ashley
Assaf Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Karen Aster
Suzanne Atencio
Susan Attard
Judith Au
Susan Aurand
Wendy Austin
Jessica Austin
Carlos Auyon
Radomir Avila
Nikita Babichev
Rush and Lisa Backer
Ana Badillo
Jonathan Bailey
Natalie Bailey
Evie Baker
James Baker
Robert Baker
Shelley Baker
Gil Balaoing
Brad Baldwin
Christopher Baldwin
Kathleen Baldwin
Liesa Balfour
Vanessa Balistrieri
Lin Ball
Lindsay Ball
Lorrie Ball
Tom and Francine Ballard
Carla Bange
Donna Bannavong
Mamta Bansal
Chris Barber
Pam Bargamian
Linda Barhoum
Lee Barken
Bruce and Angela Barnes
Sandra Barnes
Tamara Barnett
Rose Barnsley
Marilyn Baron
Zeny Baron-Newman
Liam Barrett
Theresa Barron
The Barry Family Trust
William Barry
Gavin Bartholomew
Linda Bartlett
Marshall Bartley
Robert Basinger
Michael Baskin
Ranjan Batra
Mary Bauer
Pamela Baumgart
Gretchen Bearoff
John Beck
Lucy Beeching
Molly Begent
Benito Behar
Dana Behl
Sarah Behrens
Barbara Belcher
Eric and Terry Belgum
Patricia Bello
Richard Bellows
Begum Benchimol
Alan Benedict
Corazon Benitez
Gilberto Benitez
Gregory Benjamin
Cynthia Benner
Daniel and Eileen Bennett
Judith J Bennett
Victoria Bennett
Jean Benthien
Maia Bentley
Holly Bergen
Dianne Berger
Judy Bergman
Brian Berling
Sherry Kay Bernard
Eric Bernhard
Thomas Bernitt
Denise Berrian
Sandy Berry
Mark Bertone
Cindy Bertrand
Marilyn Bessler
Barbara Bethel
Linda Bethel
Karen Billingsley
Deborah Billy
Cierra Birch
Hunter Bjorkman
Anthony Blanks
Diana Blanks
Cindy Blatnik
Greg Bledsoe
Lawrence Blumberg
Marcy Blumberg
Marcie Bober-Michel
Jon Bocketti
Nevada Bodmer
Marcia Bodnar
Robert Boeller
Ariana Bogedin
Susan Bohlander
Richard Bokal
Joe Boldt
Maria Bolt
Nancy Bonanno
Louis Bookheim
The Bookstein Family
Madelyn Boots
Alex Borthwick
Adam Boswell
Glenn Bourque
Carol Bowden
Taylor Bowden
Elizabeth Bowers
Kathleen Bowman
Deborah Boyd
Frances Boyd
Carol Boyer
Jonathan Boynton
James Bracklow
Georgia and Ralph Bradley
Jenn Bradley
Sheri Braemer
Robert Brandt
Kari Breitweiser
Linda Brenner
Casey Bressem
Barbara Brietigam
Connie Briggs
Elaine Briggs
Sue Briggs
Timothy Briggs
Sharice Bringier
Amelia Kenner Brininger
Sharon Bristow
David Broad
William Broadwell
Shayna Brody
Sandra J. Brooks
Nicole Broomhead
Beth Brown
Christine Brown
Lauren Brown
Richard and Eileen Brown
Linda Browne
Bryan Bruns
Roberta Bryant
Linda Budd
Frank Bugiel
Donna Buhl
andrew Buitron
Amanda Bule
Mary Burgert
Bart Burington
Jason Burke
Judith and Phillip Burke
Loretta and Ed Burke
Steve and Jan Burke
Patricia Burkhard
Marilyn Burkle
Burlingame Neighborhood Association
LR Burlison
Heidi Burnett
Lawrence Burnett
Tim Burtnett
Shelli Bushman
Eric Bushong
Iva Butler
Michael Butler
George and Kathy Butterstein
Anthony Buzzini
Torrie Cababa
Paulette Cabral
Gil Cabrera
Robert Cadman
Julia Cain
Kathleen Calcagno
Kristen Caldwell
Deborah Calhoun
Debra Caligiuri
Glenn Calkin
Michael Callagy
Brittany Callaway
Dylan Calsyn
Joan Camana
Stephen Camozzi
Elio Campagnolo
Luke Campanella
Bonnie Campbell
Marilyn Campbell
Raul Campillo
Ron Campnell
Ilona Canestrelli
Louis Canterbury
Cassi Cantrell
Maolin Cao
Kate Capistran
Terri Capoot
Romeo Capriotti
Caralli Charitable Fund
Francisco Carbajal
Steve Cargill
Paula Carmack
Mary Carmichael
Rene Carmichael
Thomas Carney
Cindi Carothers
Crystal Carothers
George A Carpenter
George A. Carpenter
Nancy Carpenter
Diane Carpinelli
Jodi Carreon
Roberto Carriedo
Leo Carrillo
Arline Carrillo
Elizabeth Carter
Kenneth Cartwright
Carolyn Caselli
Carlos Castaneda
Linda Castellon
Mary and Michael Castro
Linda Catalina
Aaron Cate
Maureen Cavaiola
Barbara Cavanaugh
Cellar Door Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Nicole Cermak
Cesar Chavez Service Clubs
Abbey Chamberlain
Jimmy Chan
Chih-Wu and PeiTei Chang
Alexia Chapparone
Minh Chau
Rohit Chaudhary
Kaitlin Chell
Abraham Chen
Chen Chen
Marie Chen
Rachel Chen
Shaojie Chen
Zhirong Chen
Tai Ming Cheung
Amanda Chin
Chinese Americans from the Black Mountain Ranch
Geengyee Chong
Connie Chovan
Megan Magee and Graham Chuck
Toni and Gary Church
Richard Chute
Benjamin Ciotti
Ian Clampett
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Jay Clark
Lauren Clark
A. William and Harriett Clarke
Amy Clay
Poway Valley Garden Club
Robin Cobarrubia
Izaak Leonel Coca
Sherry Cohen-Richards
Bruce Cole
Rebecca Cole
Debra J. Coleman
Kay Coleman
Kelly Collins
Carole Comeau
Eva Comeau
Vincent Comiskey
Nick Condos
Madison Conrado
Bonnie Contreras
Margarita Contreras
P. Eileen Conway
Jeffery Conwell
Brett Cook
Charles Cooke
James Cooke
Leathadavid Cooksy
Michele Cooney
Molly Biehl Corbin
April Cordero
Curtis Cornelius
Fernanda Corona
Jessica Coronado
Megan Costigan
Ann Cottrell
The Couchman Trust
Luke Cowell
John Craig
andrew Crane
William Crane
Barbara Crawford
Robyn Cretney
Will Cronyn
Robert Crosby
George Crumbie
Mary Cruz-Okinczyc
Scott Culkin
Jason Cull
Katie Cullen
Donald Culver
John and Theresa Culver
Darren Cunningham
Dean Cunningham
Dennis Cutler
Thomas Cycyota
Dara Czerwonka
Anthony D’Angelo
Jeremiah Dagdag
Alaina Dall
Vanessa Dangerfield
Pearl Daniels
David Danish
Cynthia Davalos
Laura Davis
Scott Davis
Steve and Susan Davis
Denise Dawson
Donna Day
Allison Degeorge
Donald Degrazia
Kristin Degregorio
Eric Delgadillo
Maria Delgado
Kevin Delliplaine
Wade Demond
Claudia Deney
Charlene Dennis
Alex Dent
Pathukotta Desikan
Steve Deutsch
Sharan Dhoot
andrew Diamond
Carole Dicesare
Martchen Dickson-Cooper
Chuck Diepholz
James Dierker
Mark Dietter
Thomas DiFiore
Ciara Difrancesco
Barbara Dine
Sally Ditto
Deborah Dixon
Ashley Dobbs
Karen Donald
R. Evans and Beverly Donnell
Richard Dorin
Bonita Drolet
John Drummy
Tory Dube
Barbara and Lon Dubey
Les Dubow
Renee Duci
The Dudley and Finch Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Sharon and Dwight Dudzinski
Kristi Dugan
Shelley Dugan
Drew Duke
Catrina Dulay
Sandrea Dumadag
Susan Dunford
John Dunn
Jill Duoto
Mary Dupree
Mark Durazo
Melvin and Janet Dutton
andrea Dyal
Jack Dymand
Carl Dyszkiewicz
John and Jean Earl
Kristen Earle
Alexandra Eatchel
Gina Echito
Elizabeth Eckhouse
William Eddy
Carina Edelman
Lenore Edidin
Charlotte Edwards
Philip Egger
Eliza Eggert
Bill Eiffert
Sarah Eishen
Laurie Eivet
Yvonne and Mark Elkin
Frances Ellena
Anne Elliott
Kathy Elliott
Max Elliott
Deborah Ellis
Gregory Ellis
Katharine Ellis
Kathleen Ellis
David Elmer
Richard Emerson
Angelica Eng
Bruce Engelbert
Katherine Engleman
Holly Enjem
Carol Enquist
Angela Entera
Eden Epling
Richard Erdman
The Erlenborn/Templeton Charitable Fund
Keith Errecart
Rob Ert
Linda Esparza
Kyla Esquivel
Mark Estle
Amy Ettinger
Greg and Betty Evans
Miranda Evans
Michael Evans-Layng
Jay Evarts
Kelly and Kristen Eveland
Enid Ewen
Sam D. Fabela
Richard Faber
Catherine Fahey
Pamela Fairley
Ashley Fairon
Leo Fajerman
Linda Fallert
The Draper Family
The Mueller Family
The Stables Family
Kyle Fanene
Achraf Farraj
David Farris
Kim Farris
James Faulkner
Jessica Faulkner
Summer Felix-Mulder
Christine Ferguson
James Ferguson
Terrie Ferguson
Carla Fernandez
Kathleen Ferrier
John Ferron
Michael Ferry
Kelly Feuillet
Sabrina Feve
Alice Fichandler
Amy Fickett
Zack Fields
William Figge
James Filanc
Colby Filson
Audrey Findley
James Finn
Jim Finn
Ryan Finnerty
Anna Fiore
Mattheew and Jennifer Firmin
William Fish
Susan Fishbein
William Fister
Daniel Fitzgerald
Paula Fitzgerald
Camille Fitzpatrick
Brian Flannery
Sarah Flocken
Joy Floro
Angeli Fo
Randolph Fong
Delia Fontimayor
Evan and Linda Foote
Constance Forest
Laura Forest
Alicia Forsman
Nancy Foster
Marcy Fox
Louis and Lois Franchimone
Robert Francis
Veronica Franco
Linda Frank
Richard Frank
Carol Frausto
The Caroline Frederick Fund
Conor Freeman
Robert Freistedt
Meredith Frie
Kim Fritz
Lorraine Fromson
David Frost
John Frugoni
Gerald Fulk
Fulton Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
William Fulton
HBG Design Fund
One4All Fund
The Catherine Austin Thiemann Fund
Roy Funk
Wyn Furman
Patricia Gabbard
Corinne Gallagher
Sean Gallagher
Teresa Gallagher
Guy Gammon
andre Gamrasni
Gap Inc.
Amie Garapich
Robyn Gardenhire
Lawrence J. Gardepie
Al Gardner
Ray Garnica
Deborah Garske
Pamela Garzone
Curran Gaughan
Monica Gaut
Carolyn Gauthier
Keith Gaytan
Brandy Geiger
Marisa O’Toole Gelo
Jeff Gemar
General Atomics
The GEO Group, Inc.
Cinthia Germek
Bill Gersten
Dorothy Gesick
Cyrus Ghahremani
Janice Gibbons
Laurei Gibson
Peter Giella
Robert Gilbert
Sharon Giles
The Lou and Reba Gilleran Fund
Sandra Gillett
Elizabeth Givens
Mary Ann Glatt
Todd Gloria
Gerardo Godinez
Kathleen and Patrick Godwin
Kathleen Wolf Godwin
Patrick and Kathleen Godwin
Steve Goetsch
Shannon Going
Steven Golbus
Bargiora Goldberg
Lauren Goldberg
Evan Golden
Hanna Goldman
Debra Gomez
Luis Rivas Gomez
Tahsha Gomez
Luanne Good
Brent Goode
Susan Goodell in honor of Amanda Chin
Lucille Goodman
James Gordon
Nina Gordon
Alicia Gorran
Daniela Gorrino
Lynn Gottesman
The Gould Marshall Family
Robert Grady
Susan Graham
Kate Graney
Alan Grant
Judy Grant
Julia Grant
Diana Grant-Davie
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Grantham
Kayla Grantham
Gary Gray
Dan Greco
Elisa Greenberg
Linda Greenwade
Samuel Gregory
Thomas Gregory
John Grim
Charles Grinnell
Stacee and Seth Groff
Irwin Gross
Julie Grossman
Amanda Grossmann
Quinton Grounds
Rey Guadez
Jessie Guarnes
Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc
Rahul Gundapuneni
Rajesh Gupta
Kay Gurtin
Carl Gustafson
Jeri Gustafsson
Connie Gutierrez
Harper Guzenski
Ilse Guzman
Catherine Gwin
Dale Haas
Haber Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Barry and Nancy Hacker
Noah Hadas
Brad Halas
Mimi Hall
Patricia Hall
Rose Hall
Peter Halle
William Halloran III
Kevin Hamako
John Hammond
Dean Hanna
Mark Hanna
Ilse Hanning
Shanshan Hao
Sandra Harada
John and Lavinia Hare
Ricky Harel
Habib Hariri
Liz Harman
Thomas Harpster
Mary Elizabeth Harris
Nicolette Harris
Linda Harshberger
Dennis Hart
Michael Harter
Amelia Hartley
Jeff Hartung
Janine Harty
Jennifer Haslam
William Hatch
Lisa Hauck
Robert Haverkamp
Terry Hayes
Sharon Hays
Panna Hazarika
Charlotte Healy
Gail Heard
David Hebert
Doug Hecht
Ken Hedges
Jonathan Hee
Kathy Heid
Kimberly Heinle
Mackenzie Heinrichs
Jessica Heldman
Anne Heller
Joan Heller
Patricia Hemans
Karen Hemingway
Carol Hemming
Cathy Hemphill
Stevin Henderson
Angelina Hendricks
Rebecca Henein
Stacy Hensle
Katherine Hentrich
Monica Heraty
Cindhi Herd
Denise Herich
Barbara Herronmangel
Tom Hersant
Timothy Hickey
Shirley Higgins
Catherine Hill
Laurance Hill
Robert Hill
Steven Hillyard
Hemchandra Hingne
Kurtis Hingston
Judy Hirsh
Chee Ho
Emily Ho
Keith Ho
Carolyn Hobbs
Susan Hochschwender
Ronald Hodson
Janice Hoeung
Patricia Hoffman
Peggy Hoffman
Sara Holbert
Phyllis Holbrook
Timothy Holden
Anne Holder
Jon Holder
Sharon Holding
Donna Holland
Steven Holland
Paul Hollenbeck
Corinne Hollings
Emily Holmes
Steve Holson
Paul Holt
Emma Hom
Rachel Hommel
William Honea
Deborah Honeycutt
Debby Hopp
Judy Hopwood
Luis Horne
Dan Horwitz
Becca Hovey
Katherine Howe
Lorraine Howe
Alexa Howell
Elizabeth Huang
Kori Huberty
Steve Huemmer
Patrick Hughes
Bahija Humphrey
Jamie Humphrey
Craig Humphreys
Jonathan and Pam Hunter
Jonathan Hunter
Laurie and Jim Hurl
Ian Hurst
Jeffrey Hurst
Holly Hurwitz
Chelsea Hwang
Kuk Jae Hyung
Wade Ichishita
Rachel Inmon
Susan Inot
Susan Isenman
Toshihiko Ishihara
Gavin Ishihara-Wing
Catherine Jackson
Gina M. Jackson
Norma Jackson
Jennifer Jacobelli
David Jacober
Connie Jacobs
Everett Jacobs
Gina Jacobs
Irvin H. Jacobs
Roger and Catherine Jaffe
Jacob James
Jason James
Karen James
Raymond James Charitable
Patcharida Jarungkiatsakon
Arthur and Helene Jemison
Lupe Jenkins
Michael Jenkins
Megan Jennings
Miki Jennings
Jennings Charitable Fund
Carl and Susan Jerris
Cynthia Jesch
andrew and Edith Jirak
Susan Joachim
Brendon Johnson
David Johnson
Diane and Norman Johnson
Gina Purlia Johnson
Mark Johnson
Owen Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Wendy Johnson
William Johnson
Douglas and Peggy Johnstone
Barbara Jones
Joyce Jordan
Gwen Jorgensen
Jijoe Joseph
Shawnee Joyce
Edward Yandall, Jr.
Ashley Juavinett
Russell and Diane Jucovics
Britta Justesen
Eliot Kaagan
Cyndi Kaase
Elliott Kahn
Daniel Kamkar
Herald Kane
Terry and Linda Kane
Min Jung Kang
Robert Kard
Eric Karlan
Eliana Karlan
Roxanne Karres
Arzang Kasiri
Fred Kassman
Mel Katz
Herschel Kaufman
Mehak Kaur
Julie Kawakami
Greg and Stacey Kay
Greg Kay
Robert Keck
Tom Kees
Daniel Kellman
Sam Kelly
Kelly Kent
Martin Kent
Patti Kerr
Jonni Kertson
Polly Keyworth
Long Kha
Lucy Khuu
Mary Jo Kicklighter
Kathleen Kiefedorf
Ariana Kiken
Maddy Kilkenny
Lisa Kim
Mark Kim
Koji Kimura
Byron King
Leandra King
Jennifer King
Laura Kishaba
Elise Kjos
Lawrence P. Klein Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Richard Klein
Shirley Klein
Joann Kling
Angela Klinkhamer
James Klueber
Joan Knapp
Robert Knecht
David Knight
Vera and Chris Knox
Karen Knudson
Thomas Koehler
Bill and Linda Kolb Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Peter Korn
Stephanie Korszen
Harriet Kounaves
Lauren Kownacki
Mark Kramer
Christine Kratz
Gregory Kravit
Lauren Kreiss
John Kruckeberg
Michele Kuehner
Adriana Kuenzi
Rhea Kuhlman
Abhishek Kumar
Nitin Kumar
Adam Kumm
Krishna Kundurthi
L & R Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
La Petite Sirène Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund

Jaclyn and Jeffrey Labovitch
James Lackritz
Jim Lackritz
Arnold Ladis
Meridith Lafrenz
Belyn Lai
George Lai
Rachel Laing
Christine Lamb
Marc Lampe
Victor Landa
Lynnette Langdon
Andrew Lange
Lisa Langlais
Philip Langlais
Sheila Lapean
Susan Lapping
Marcee Larsen
Tiahna Larsen-Yaylagan
Victor Laruccia
Lauren Lasch
Michelle Lasher
Karie Lasko
Glen Lasley
Gisela Lauer
The Lauer Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Pat Launer
Regina Lauridsen
Kate Lavery
Cynthia Lavorin
Bruce Lawrence
Dung Le
Renee Le Vine
Jillian Leaver
Florencia Lebensohn-Chialvo
Jonathan Lee
Lawrence Lee
Muriel and Deborah Lee
Sonia Lee
Jerry Leever
Robert Leite
Seth Lemerman
James Lepanto
Sarah Lester
James Levin
Jordan and Susan Levin
Karen Levin
Kelly Levine
Phyllis and Barry Levine
Ruth Levor
Louise Lewis
Michael Lewis
Patrick Lewis
Tom and Terry Lewis Foundation TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Bryan Li
Carl and Gina Licary
Darren Licht
Denise Lidell
Mary Lieras-Scott
John Lima
Joseph Lima
Kristi Lin
Marsha Lindbeck
Keven Lippert
Lori Lipsman
Steven Lisler
Steven Lister
Thomas and Patricia Littell
Changwen Liu
Jing Liu
Sophie Liu
Jennifer Livesey
Carlos Lizarraga
Kim Locker
Andrea Lockhart
Kathy Lockridge
Lynnette Lockwood
Anthony Lococo
Jill and Wallace Logie
Wiley Long
Charlotte Lopes Rubin
Jennifer Lopez
Miguel Lopez
Monica Lopez
Paige Lopez
Sherry Lore
Stuart Lee Lourie
Kirsten Loy
LPL Financial Foundation
Carol Lubien
Lorie Lucas
Lupe Lucenius
Congnan Luo
Weilin Luo
Lindsey Lupo
Daniel Lusher
Lisa Luster
Niklas Luthman
Stephanie Ly
Michelle Lyga
Jack Lyon
Jim Lyon
Michele Lyons
Pauline Ma
Patricia Macaulay
Eileen Mactigue
Bonnie Madsen
Gayle Magee
Mildred Magee
Warren and Brenda Magill
Jada Mai
Michael Mai
Jessica Maier
Christine Mailloux
Libby and Igor Malamant
David Malmrose
Mark Malone
Bernardine Maloney
Malugen Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Netty Mansolillo
Sara Manyak
Lori Manzelli
Bonnie Marblestone
Marc Marconi
Ron Marcus
Juan-Pablo Mariscal
Cathy Marshall
Carolyn Martin
Christopher Martin
Kathleen Martin
Michael Martin
Rebecca Martin
Theresa Martin
Cheryl Martini
Maryann Martone
Lane Mashal
Everett Mashburn
Justyna Maslowska
Marcie Mason
Katie Matchett
Elizabeth Mather
Carl Mathewson
Ray Matsil
Julie Matsuda
Julie Matthews
Sue Mauri
Marcia Mautner
Kirk Mawhinney
Henry Maxfield
Sharon and Jack Maynard
Carol Mcavoy
Jay McCabe
John McCallie
Nicole McCallie
Rosemary McClary
Michael and Paula Mccloskey
Claire and John Mccombs
Brian McCormack
Cheryl McCowan
Roberta McCoy
Janet McDaniel
John McFee
Linda McFee
Kevin Mcgoldrick
Douglas and Paula McGraime
Diane McGrath
Jayne McGuire
Rachel Mchale
Carissa McKinney
Mitchell McKirnan
Marilee McLean
Carol McMillen
John and Becky Mcmullen
Michael McNerney
Patricia McTague
L.T. McWhorter
Michael Meacham
Catherine Mears
John Mears
Cvetan Mechev
Marissa Mecum
Alberto Cortes Medina
Indra Mehta
Janice and Charles Meliska
Suzanne Mello
Richard and Muriel Mellor
Robert Melton
Yvonne Mendiola
Pamela Meneley
Kathryn Mengerink
Mini Menon
J. Merry
Diana Mertrude
Alan Meth
Heidi Metri
Alexandra Metz
Marilyn Metzler
Elizabeth Meyer
Nathan Meyers
Jeff Mezzocchi
Ranjit Mhatre
Linda and James Michael
M.A. Michaels
Melissa Micou
Andy Mikschl
Chelsea Milburn
Phyllis Milder
Morgan Miles
Mary Milkie
Arnie and Penny Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Joanna Miller
Scott Miller
Amy Milne
Angela Miner
Zornitsa Mominska Mineva
Elaine Mingee
Pretesh Mistry
Bethyl Mitchell
Eugene Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
Deborah Moceri
Bibhu Mohanty
Scott Molloy
Anton Monk
Edward Monteiro
Barbara Montgomorey
Stephanie Mood
L. Joanne Mooney
Candace Moore
Christy Moore
Jeff Moore
Roy Moore
Shirley and William Moore
Taylor Moore
The Moore Foundation Inc.
Nancy/Curt Moothart
Alba Moreno
Jessica Moreton
K. Blake Morgan
The Morgan Family
Jason Morin
Hicran Morris
Liz Morrison
Michael Morrison
Ronald Moss
Michael Mota
J. Steven Mott
Janessa Mount
Mary Rose Mueller
Cheryl Muessig
George and Janice Muller Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Gisela Muller
Herman Muller
Cheryl Munday
Alexandra Mundt
Robyn Murdock
Aarika Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy
Gregory Murphy
Monica Murphy
David Murray
Lynn Murray
Margaret Murray
Judi Myers
Melanie Myers
Margaret Nadworny in memory of Herman Shusterman
Karen Nager
Sylvia Najera
James Nakagawa
Nakata Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Theresa Nakata
Satish Namana
Erecca Nash
Sylvia Nasri
Kennedy Nato
Cheryl Nau
Ruben Naungayan
Vijaykumar Nayak
Lisa Needle
Michael Neisen
Gene Nelson
Lawrence Nelson
Melanie Nelson
Nicholas Nelson
Mahadev Nemani
Gary Nessim
Theresa Newbern
James and Lynne Newman
Barbara Newton-Holmes
Thang Ngo
Alexander Nguyen
Kim Van Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen
Gustavo Nicasio
Catherine Nicholas
Stephanie Niehaus
Lana Nimmo
Lauren Noia
R. Lynlee Nordgren
Shirley Norell
Cady North
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Andrew Nottberg
Eve Novak
Nunez Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Oscar Nunez, Jr.
Lucas O’Connor
Kaleigh O’Merry
Kelli O’Merry
Claudia Obeso
Terri O’Brien
Mariaelena Ochoa
Julie Odlum
Kathleen Odom
Nicholas Oehlberg
Christine Ohara
Dayle Ohlau
Martha Oldstrom
Hillary Oliveira
Virginia Oliver
Rochelle Olivera
Diane Olivo
Leah Ollman
Alixanna Olson
Dana Olson
Gabriela Olson
Jeff Olson
Valerie Ontell
Joanne Orlo
David Orman
Dale Osborn
Polina Osipova
Bruce Osmun
John Oswalt
Kathleen Otoole
Charlotte and Abrah Otto
Nathan and Megan Otto
Debra Pacecca
Katherine Padgett
Manuel Padilla
Nelson Padilla
Cody Pajunen
Lisa Pak
Ana Palomo Zerfas
Nan Pang
Michael Paras
Matilda Parente
Nicholas Parisi-Goodman
Peter Park
Karen Parker
Vann and Carol Parker
Robin Parkhill
Barbara Parsons
Melissa Pascual
Anthony Passante
Raj Patil
Chuck Patterson
Dorian Patterson
Amanda Patteson
James Paul
Nicholas Pavone
Leslie and Mike Pawka
Geoffrey Pawlowski
Iris Payne
Pamela Gray Payton
John Peach
Fran Pearce
Cindy Pearson
Kevin Peck
Steve Pederson
Danny Pelisek
Elizabeth Pena
Tracy Pendergast
Douglas Penta
Fred Perez
Michael Perkins
John and Janet Perlman
Beth Perry
Mary Peshel
Melissa Peterman
Kenneth Peters
Karen Petersen
Patricia Petterson
Susan Petty
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mary Ellen Pfleeger
Marissa and Jimmy Pham
Gwen Phelps
Susan Phillips
Conoco Phillips
Shannon Pieper
Cindy Pieronek
Patricia Pilon
Bronwyn Pimentel
Karen Pinzon
Gina Pisello
Rebecca Plant
Paul and Katherine Plessman
Barbara Plough
Dana Poirier
Jonathan Polikoff
Gerald Polis
David Pollak
Rhonna Porch
Allison Porreco Levesque
Jessica Porte
Alice Porter
Eva Posner
Jammee Post
Meredyth Potter
Dana Potts
Corinne Powell
Terry Powell
Gemini F. Prado
Briana Prager
Dorothy Pratt
Hershell Price
Angela Priddell
Cecilia Primero
Clifford Pryor
Johan Pulgarin
Yukei Pun
Claire Pursley
Anita Pyle
Wei Qi
Genevieve Quarfoot
Sandra Quartiano-Jansky
Pedro Quenga
Deborah Quiett
Ellen Quigley
Joanne Quinn
Armando Quinonez
Richard Quy
Jeffrey Rabin
Katherine Radford
B.D Radhakrishnan
The Radhakrishnan Family Foundation
Elaine Ragazzo
Loretta Rains
Ray Ramach
Preetha Ramakrishnan
Narasimhan Ramesh
Maria Ramirex
Ruth Ramirez
Vidya Rao
Andy Ravid
Rebecca Raymond
Josh Raysman
Joseph Reardon
Redeemer By The Sea Lutheran Church
Stephanie Reed
Georgette Regan
Louise Rehling
Laura Rehrmann
Karen Reibstein
David and Chris Reichel
Jonathan Reilly
Reily Charitable
Suzan Reiner
John Rekevics
Jane Renninger
Shari Ressel
Jim and Leslie Reynolds
Carra and Phil Rhamy
Carra Rhamy
Christopher Rhanor
Michel Ribet
Gary Richardson
Heidi Richardson
Rick Richardson
Edward Rico
Thomas Rike
Susan Riley
Kathleen Rissing
Mark Roberts
David Robertson
Karin Robertson
Richard Robertson
Donna Marie Robinson
Jeremy Robinson
Janet Roche
Debby Rock
Nicholas Rodrigues
Dane Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Kenneth Rogers
Rick Rogers
Rachel Rojas
Marsha Rold
Daniel Roman
Evonne Ronsheimer
Eva Rosa
Maya Rosas
Virginia Rose
Laura Rosecrans
Norman Rosen
William and Sandra Rosenbaum
Miriam Rothman
Dan Rubens
Lynne Rubin
Kathy Rulon
Josh Runge
Debra Runyan
Lawrence and Robin Rusinko
Ronni Russell
Heather Ryan
Kathy Ryan
Rayan Saab
Deanne Sabeck
Bruce Sachs
Colleen Sacks
Dean Saiki
Gloria Saiki
Constance Saindon
Johnny Salameh
Sandra Salerno
Gp Sammon
Carolina Sanchez
Joaquin Sanchez
Kelly Sanders
Robert and Linda Sanet
Jil Santi
Kelsie Santoro
Irene Sarenana
F.P. Sarmiento
Caren Sax
Joanna and Neal Sax and Doran
Aditya Saxena
Kent Sayler
Justin Schaberg
Bridgette Schafer
Patricia Schauseil
Judith Schecter
Mark Schecter
Rosalie Scheller
Richard Scherman
Sara Schleutker
Ron Schmidt
Kara Schnabel
Carla Schnell
Todd and Nicole Schnuck
Susan Schock
Brian Schrader
Morgan Schrader
Dory Schretzmann
Karl Schu
Frank Schudar
Steven Schulman
Suzanne Schulte
Sue Schwaber
Gregg Schwartz
Laurel Schwartz
Becky Sciglimpaglia
Douglas Scott
SDG&E Community Relations
Jill Seagren
Alicia Seay
Andrea Seddon
Matthew Seddon
Nancy Sedgwick
Sempra Energy Foundation
Chris Serbia
Michael Sessions
Sandra Settle
Rajendra Setty
Paula Sevier
Jeff Shabel
Karen Shabel
Anzette Shackelford
Stuart Shaffer
Saunak Shah
Reza Shahidi
Ibrahim Shaik
Nicki Sharpe
Felicia Shaw
Tracy Shaw
Lawrence Shea
Lari Sheehan
Mary Sheldon
Kathleen Shepherd
Oded Shezifi
Gerald Shiller
Sarah Shoffler
Richard R. Shook
The Shumate Giving Fund
Michael Siciliano
Sickler Family Gift Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Douglas Siddall
Julie Siddiqui
Stephanie Sides
Paul and Darcy Siegel
Beth and Jerry Silverman
Bernadette Simi
Thomas Simmons
Patricia Sinay
Terry Sinclair
Abhishek Singh
Sunil Sinha
Robert Slyker
Mary Smart
Bill and Joann Smith
Corinne Smith
Delaina Smith
Frank Smith
Jacob Smith
James G Smith
Joanna Smith
Kimberley Smith
Kirstin Smith
Lee and Cecilia Smith
Linda Smith
Maricela Smith
Mikaela and Morgan Smith
Norman Smith
Rick Smith
Mikaela Smith
Cheyenne Smith
Karen Smith
Luanne Snoberger
Annelise Snyder
Sam and Betty Snyder
Dalya Sohl
Steve Sokolic
Sam Soloman
David Sommerfeld
Lisa Sontag
Fernando Soriano
Ralph Soriano
Sherri Soto
Tito Soukbandith
Randall Souviney
Kimberly Spahn
Bettie Spangler
Dianne Sparks
Dale Spector
The Spector Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Richard Spero
Colleen Spining
Wayne Springer
Brenda Squires
Thomas Stacey
Eric and Ellen Staley
Patrick Stalnaker
Michael Stamets
Marshall Steele
James Steenwerth
Walter Steffen
Carrie Stellpflug
Skylar Stephens
Victoria Stephens
Sadie Stern
Denton Stevens
Scott Stevens
Andrea Steves
John Stewart
Linda Stewart
Paul Stewart
Mark Steyaert
Shauna Stokes
Samantha Stone
Daniel Stracka
Steven and Jane Strane
Rebecca Strong
Suzanne Strutner
Shannon Stubblefield
Student Occupational Therapy Association
Peter Suhai
Ben Sullins
Barry Sullivan
Jonelle Sullivan
Lindsay Sullivan
Jesse Sun
Senthilkumar Sundaram
Lauri Suominen
Robert Supple
Charles Sutton
Laura Swadell
Peggy Swearingen
Kent Swedell
Phillip Sweeney
Ellen Sweet
Francia Sweet
Vicki Sweeten
Keith Sweetnam
Tiffany Swiderski
Judith A. Swink
James Switzer
Yeung Sze
Brooke Tabshouri
Laura Tailby
Raquel Talamantez
Louis Tang
Janis Tani
Harriet Taniyama
Ian Tapp
Michele Taskin
Cecily Taylor
Marsha Taylor
Michael Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
David Tedrow
Todd Teetzel
Thomas and Mary Templeton/Erlenborn
Diana Terkeurst
Ryan Terry
Marissa Tessman
Laura Tezer
Robin Theilmann
Richard Van Thiel
Ahmi Thitayan
Cody Thomas
Kathleen Thomas
Megan and Chris Thomas
Ralph B Thomas
Ralph B. Thomas
Thomas Leech & Associates
Eric Thompson
Lynne Thompson
Ruth Thorpe
Amiee Thurston
Awan Tiop
Jean Tobin
Nikki Tolliver
Dan Tomsky
Anh Tuan Ton
Steven Torres
Setsuko Toyama
Gerald Toyen
Amber Tracy
Hoanh Tran
Phong Tran
Susan Travis
Melesse Traylor
Calvin Treger
Vicki Trenkle
Jennifer Trombley
Lori Baxter Trust
Patricia Green Trust
The Reich-Gonczy Family Trust
Raymond Trybus
Ron and Nancy Turner
Scott Twombley
Arun Tyagi
Lisa Tyo
Terrell Tyra
Azumi Ueno
Mohanraj Umapathy
University Tees, Inc.
Adriana Uranga
Paulam Vakil
Michael Valadez
Myrna Valencia
Pamela Valinet
Frank and Sandra Varley
Laine Vehar
Signe Von Verdo
Suzanne Veverka
Victor Vilaplana
Laura Villalobos
Tiffany Vintayen
David Vojtaskovic
David Volk
Garrett Vomfell
Jack Wade
Karen Wagner
Karen Waldrop
Laura Walker
Rupert Walker
John and Allison Walsh
Susan and Greg Walsh
Tricia Walsh
Lin Walton
Xiaozhen Wang
Yiting Wang
Beverly Ward
Randy Ward
Donna Warlick
Mark Warmbrand
Madelyn Warner
Ann Warren
Phillip Warren
Wayne Warren-Angelucci
Amy Waterman
Larry R. Waters Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Kathryn Watson
Kevin Watson
James Watts
Lowell Waxman
Mark and Paula Waxman
Weatherly Asset Management
Robert Weaver
Danika Webb
Linda Weber
Audrey Wehba
Suzanne Weiner
Aaron Weislogel
Abby and Ray Weiss
Christauria Welland
Angela Wells
Steve Welty
Jacquelyn Werth
Charles Werts
Donna West
Sandra West
Ashley West
Jon & Kelli Weyant
Emily Wheatley
Joseph and Clementine Whelan
Callie and Harry Whitaker
Edward White
Jeanne and Tom White
Wendy White
Wilbert White
Gale Whiteman
Veronica Cortez Whiting
Tara Whitty
Keith Widdop
Dan and Becky Wieder
Brian Wiggans
Caitlynn Wightman
Kim Wilbers
Nancy Wilder
Reggie Wilhelmson
Susan Wille
Carol Williams
Joy Williams
Yvonne Williams
Marni Von Wilpert
Allan Wilsker
Amie Wilson
Carole Wilson
Danae Wilson
James Wilson
Karin Wilson
Larry Wilson
Richard Wilson
Tyler Wilson
Uraiwan Wilson
Wendy Wilson
Nelar Wine
John Wingert
Susan Wintersteen
Mark Wishner
Michael H. Wittmer
Christina Wolf
Susan Wolf
Tim Wollin
Clarence Wong
Anthony Wood
Marilyn Wood
The Wood Family
Simone Woodin
Shauna Woodward
Anne Wright
David Wright
Gloria Wright
Diana Wroblewski
Yen-Kuan Wu
Charles and George Ann Wurster
Mary Wylie
Lisa and Ralph Wyman
Vicki Wynn
Vivian Yan
Dong Yang
Hui Yang
Dennis Yard
Anne Yarnell-Otero
Amy Yates
Edward Ybarra
Zemenfes Yemane
Cheffrey Yochim
Kathleen Yorgin
Jeffrey Young
Yun Yung
Ed Zahn
Nina Zavala
Edward Zdvorak
Ana Zentella
Karen Ziebron
Elana Zilberg
Lauren Ziment
Karin Zirk
Rosalie Zoll
Natalia Zorrilla
Zumbano Family Fund TSDF Donor-Advised Fund
Jay and Kathy Zybelman

As of August 25, 2020

Thousands of individuals, businesses and TSDF Donor-Advised Fund donor-advised fundholders at The San Diego Foundation have positively impacted pandemic relief efforts and supported hundreds of nonprofits helping San Diegans in need, inspiring enduring philanthropy and enabling community solutions with millions in donations and donor-advised fund contributions.