“The story that it tells is about the power. The power of ordinary people and the things that we can do not only to resist, but to change, and to make sure we have a better life for the poorest people of our society and for our communities.” – Dolores Huerta on her new film Dolores

On March 26, San Diegans packed into the Fashion Valley AMC Theatre to watch the exclusive San Diego screening of Dolores at the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

The event was sponsored by The San Diego Foundation as part of our commitment to promote civic engagement by bringing community together to learn and discuss social challenges and opportunities facing the region.

Produced by famed musician Carlos Santana and directed by Peter Bratt, Dolores tells the story of 86-year-old Dolores Huerta, the civil rights icon and United Farm Workers co-founder, alongside Cesar Chavez.

The film follows Dolores’ life, from the fearless young woman confronting teamsters on violent picket lines, to the activist grandmother nearly beaten to death by a San Francisco police squad.

Overshadowed by the legacy of Cesar Chavez and forced from the ranks of the all-male union leadership after his death, Dolores learns the painful truth — that her gender is the greatest obstacle of all.

But she turns her defeat into inspiration, setting the course for a lifetime pursuit of equality for all.

Q&A with Dolores Huerta

Following the screening, Dolores and her son Emilio Huerta sat down for an interview with The San Diego Foundation President and CEO Kathlyn Mead to discuss the film, the Dolores Huerta Foundation and today’s social challenges.

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