Center for Civic Engagement

The Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement at The San Diego Foundation brings community together to learn about and discuss social challenges and opportunities in the San Diego region. Through strategic collaborations, public programs and donor convenings, the Center for Civic Engagement facilitates community dialogue and collaborative action to create a vibrant San Diego region.

The Center hosts public learning programs, including event series, about topics that align with the WELL framework (Work, Enjoy, Live and Learn) that resulted from Our Greater San Diego Vision. By bringing together diverse voices and opinions, the Center for Civic Engagement provides opportunities for all San Diegans to be involved in building a community of opportunity for the region.

The Center is also located in Point Loma where nonprofit organizations can schedule meeting rooms (free of charge) to develop strategic and tactical plans to improve quality of life for the community they serve.

The Center was founded by Malin Burnham, a respected civic leader, admired philanthropist and visionary thought leader for San Diego.

To learn more about the Center for Civic Engagement, read our report to the community or view our event discussions.

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Community Heroes

Community Heroes is a local community engagement initiative that honors individuals who give selflessly to benefit and advance quality of life in San Diego County. Community conversations bring diverse groups of San Diegans together to learn and discuss social challenges and opportunities for regional action. Community Heroes is made possible through a partnership between the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement at The San Diego Foundation, KPBS and the National Conflict Resolution Center.

Weaving Movements

Weaving Movements is an event series that champions civic engagement and improves the quality of life in all of our communities. Weaving Movements brings our San Diego community together to build regional awareness about economic opportunity, environmental access, and the power of movements: how they are made, and how they shape our nation, region and lives.

Future40 Series

The CCE Future40 event series engages experts in their fields to raise provocative questions, highlight new possibilities and challenge our assumptions. Join us in this discussion and in our work to fulfill the vision for San Diego and embrace the change the future brings.

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