Community colleges are a boon to the national economy.

According to the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), the net total impact of community colleges on the U.S. economy was recently measured at $809 billion in added income, equal to 5.4 percent of GDP.

In addition, they are one of the primary sources of education and workforce development, adding both intangible and tangible value to the region’s they serve.

Here in San Diego, the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) provides more than 100,000 students annually with accessible, high-quality learning experiences, and undergraduate education at an affordable price to meet the educational needs of the San Diego community and the state.

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Every year, district graduates have a significant impact on our region.

As outlined in the 2016 SDCCD Economic Impact Report, past and present graduates generated $5 billion in added income for San Diego County in one year, which is the equivalent to supporting approximately 65,000 local jobs.

Building for the Future

SDCCD recognizes its role as a cornerstone of San Diego’s growth as a region.

San Diego Community College District Map

San Diego Community College District Map

As the SDCCD vision outlines, the organization is committed to access and success for all students. SDCCD is an institution that responds to the unique needs of local communities and student populations. And it shares an important role as a builder of communities from the classroom to the campus and beyond to the larger components of society.

To support this vision, SDCCD needs a strong fiscal plan to continue making an impact in the region. That’s why it has invested its endowment fund with The San Diego Foundation.

The San Diego Community College District Endowment Fund at The San Diego Foundation is a way for SDCCD and its leaders to support current programs but also invest in new initiatives that help even more students across San Diego.

As SDCCD Chancellor Dr. Constance Carroll explains, “The San Diego Community College District has placed its endowment fund of $25 million with The San Diego Foundation because of our confidence and trust in the organization, which has ensured that our investment remains strong for current and future generations of students.”

By establishing an endowment, and doing so with an organization that is equally committed to the community and shares a common vision, SDCCD is strengthening the quality of life for all San Diegans, today and into the future.

If you work for or with a nonprofit or agency, and you want to experience sustained financial growth and maximize returns, learn more about how to establish an agency fund at The San Diego Foundation by contacting our charitable giving team.

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