The San Diego Foundation has over 300 nonprofit funds dedicated to sustaining nonprofit organizations strengthening our community.

PFLAG San Diego County (PFLAG SDC), a recent addition to our agency fund cohort, offers support, education and advocacy to LGBTQ+ persons, their families, friends and allies.

Since 1998, PFLAG SDC has overseen the awarding of over 140 scholarships to LGBTQ+ students funded through former and current PFLAG members. The scholarships are awarded to LGBTQ+ high school seniors, those continuing higher education, or full-time undergraduate and graduate students through a competitive application and essay process.

One of the earliest recipients of a PFLAG SDC scholarship, Todd Gloria, exemplifies the public service-minded individuals PFLAG is proud to support.

Interview with PFLAG SDC

Scholarships Committee co-Chair Donna Gray-Bowersox spoke to us about how establishing an agency endowment fund will help PFLAG SDC grow and sustain LGBTQ+ scholarships into the future.

What were the reasons you decided to setup an agency endowment fund at The San Diego Foundation?

We were advised that establishing a fund would help grow our presence in the community and sustain our scholarships.

Prior to establishing the fund, our competitive scholarships were completely dependent on yearly donations, which can vary in donors and amounts. With an agency fund, we are working towards a dream of financial sustainability to help ensure our program continues.

The San Diego Foundation was well regarded and met our criteria for its operational and internal controls for an agency endowment fund. We are receiving positive feedback from the community with our decision.

Why is sustainability and organization longevity important to your work?

There is always more need than available funds. The eligible scholarship application pool keeps expanding while costs keep increasing. We believe that helping LGBTQ+ students achieve their academic dreams is good for our community and brings us closer to a vision of an all-inclusive, respectful society.

How does sustainability help staff and programs?

We are a volunteer organization. The specific program, PFLAG San Diego County Scholarships, has been able to maintain funding scholarships since 1998 and has been able to increase the number of monetary awards.

Do your donors see value in your organization establishing an endowment fund?

Since aligning with The San Diego Foundation, we are seeing an increase in donations and positive feedback. Donors want to see value for their money, and by tracing donations to specific scholarships as well as an affiliation with a respected agency, we hope to increase our endowment.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your organization’s decision to open a fund?

We had the fund and the desire for continuity. Previously, we held a yearly scholarship luncheon to recognize our scholars and raise additional funds. COVID changed our methods but not our long-term goals.

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