Nonprofit Agency Funds

Visionary nonprofit agencies build enduring assets and a stable revenue stream to ensure long-term sustainability and support for our community in perpetuity by establishing an endowment fund at The San Diego Foundation. Agency funds are permanent investments, managed by The Foundation, to support nonprofit organizations that generate a lasting impact in the region.

Click the categories below to view nonprofit endowment and non-endowment funds by social impact area. Click donate next to your favorite nonprofit to give to its fund.

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Arts & Culture - Agency Funds Arts and Culture ►

Civil Society - Agency Funds Civil Society ►

Community Involvement - Agency Funds Community Involvement ►

Education - Agency Funds Education ►

Environment - Agency Funds Environment ►

Health & Human Services - Agency Funds Health and Human Services ►

Science & Technology - Agency Funds Science and Technology ►

Youth Development - Agency Funds Youth Development ►