Greetings, Escondido Charitable Foundation (ECF) members!

ECF Board Chair Jacquie Skay

ECF Board Chair Jacquie Skay

I want to first update you on our planned Escondido Giving Arch. The landmark is now scheduled to be erected in early 2020. As you know, it will recognize ECF members and generous donors who want to help enhance the community for residents and visitors alike.

I also want to remind all members about the membership plaque that will be displayed on the Escondido Giving Arch. All ECF members whose donations are current as of October 31, 2019 will be listed on the plaque. To learn more, about the membership plague or recognition on an individual plaque, visit or contact Trudy at

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the 13th Annual Grant Celebration on September 27. More than 200 donors, community leaders and residents came together to celebrate the impact and joy of philanthropy in the community of Escondido.

Through your generosity, we awarded $202,500 to seven organizations. Middle & High School Leadership Initiative with A Step Beyond; Northern Lights with California Center for the Arts Escondido; Field Renovations with Escondido American Little League; Grant Avenue Music Festival with Escondido Downtown Business Association; Dixon Lake Playground with Hidden Valley Kiwanis; Explore and Restore Felicita County Park with the Nature Collective; and Intergenerational Literacy Tutoring Program with San Diego Oasis.

A very special congratulations to ECF founding members Bob Wilson and Jack Raymond who will be honored at National Philanthropy Day on November 4.

I hope to see many of you there!

Member Spotlight

ECF member Jan Jones

ECF member Jan Jones

We are honored to recognize ECF member Jan Jones for her commitment to helping others and growing philanthropy in our community.

When asked why she loves being a member, she shared, “It is a privilege to contribute to the Escondido Charitable Foundation each year to support the many worthwhile projects that the Foundation supports. I love this community and it is exciting to see how the Foundation has grown and how much has been contributed to the benefit of Escondido – our environment, our children who are our future, our residents of all ages – all in the spirit of enriching our community. I would recommend anyone considering supporting this Foundation to recognize its value and join today. An additional benefit is opportunities to socialize with other philanthropic individuals. Together we are able to make a significant difference.”

Grantee Spotlight

In 2018, ECF members provided a grant to Civic Youth Orchestra to support the Allegro Project, which established a community-based music education program with the Escondido Unified School District. Building upon the success of its Opus program in the Chula Vista schools, which garnered national attention by developing students while learning to play music, the Allegro Project provides free string instrument training to more than 100 third, fourth and fifth-grade students.

Thanks to the ECF grants, the Allegro Project was able to purchase 10 cello outfits, a library of music and instructional materials, as well as numerous book bags and training items for each student.

Thank you to all the ECF members who helped make this impact possible.

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