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Past Grantee Spotlight: The Kid’s College

Every so often, we have the opportunity to hear from a past grantee about the impact and success of our grantmaking. This month, we spoke to Anne Little, Executive Director of The Kid’s College, about what they achieved thanks to support from our members.

Anne Little: Without the support of the Oceanside Charitable Foundation, we would not have been able to invest in the LEGO NXT, the LEGO WE DO Robotics kits and the K’Nex Education Intro To Simple Machines – Levers and Pulleys and Gears kits.

These high value and engaging educational kits provide hands-on learning at its best. They are designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts

The Kid's College OCF Grant Recipient

The Kid’s College students participated in an extended learning program at LEGOLAND’s Education department.

associated engineering, physical forces, and other STEM teachings.

Additionally, the financial support allowed us to purchase 15 laptop computers as a key part of the STEM robotics kits. With this equipment, we can now bring the world of science, engineering, technology and math to more than 180 Oceanside children from first through fifth grade.

Each child participated in an extended learning program at LEGOLAND’s Education department and enjoyed extra time exploring the theme park.

We have also expanded our reach to other low income schools in Oceanside that we do not typically serve with our enrichment programs.

We’re encouraged by the eagerness of the children to learn and the speed at which they have grasped the concepts presented in the classes.

As we grow the program even further, we plan to purchase protective laptop covers and rugged laptops that can withstand the hard use of transport and repetitive use.

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