(left to right) LJCF Grants Chair Susan McClellan, presents a grant check to Ann Dynes and Jane Reldan, representatives for La Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc.

In just the first two years of awarding competitive grants, the La Jolla Community Foundation (LJCF) has granted more than $61,000 to help make La Jolla a better place to work, live, and play.

This year, LJCF members and friends celebrated awarding $26,100 to five 2015 La Jolla Community grantees. The 2015-16 grant cycle focused on programs that will enhance community aesthetics of La Jolla.

“With this grant cycle, the committee was particularly interested in projects that incorporated collaboration with other groups,” stated La Jolla Community Grants Chair and Board Member Susan McClellan.

Fostering Community Pride

Collaboration has been a key aspect of 2015 LJCF grantee Whale View Point Shoreline Enhancement project. Developed by members of the La Jolla Conservancy and La Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc., a multi-year, multi-aspect program was created to beautify and preserve the coastline in the 300 to 600 blocks of Coast Boulevard in La Jolla.

La Jolla Parks and Beaches Board member and Sub-Committee Chair of the Whale View Point Project Ann Dynes emphasized the importance of community partnerships in implementing the multi-stage project.

“Our approach has been to work on one layer of the project at a time to ensure that each aspect of the project is done thoroughly,” stated Dynes. “Working in stages requires multiple partners.”

Since Coast Boulevard Park is a City Park, the sub-committee first had to work with the City for permits to implement the beautification plan. From there, committee members collaborated with local residents, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to foster a sense of ownership in the project.

With the $8,500 grant from LJCF, the Whale View Point committee will work together with the Surfrider Foundation to encourage volunteers to help clear the remaining overgrowth at The Wedding Bowl in Whale View Point, as well as plant drought-resistant, coastal plants.

“We hope this project will get local community members to invest in the coastline in the best way they are able to,” highlighted Dynes. “More importantly, we want them to take ownership and pride in the La Jolla Coastline being their coastline.”

Get Involved

Through the power of this Regional Affiliate’s “giving together”, LJCF members are each able to take pride in the significant role they play in growing a more vibrant community in La Jolla.

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