Happy summer vacation to everyone!

I’m Theresa Burke and the new Chair of the 4SRanch~Del Sur Community Foundation (4SCF). Having just completed two years of overseeing the Grants Committee, I will now pass that role to Ray Hower.

I look forward to serving as Board Chair of the only foundation that serves the entire community of 4S Ranch and Del Sur as we grow philanthropy and continue to make an impact for all that are living here.

This past May, we marked our 12th year of grantmaking with $19,250 to strengthen the health and well-being of youth in the community. Announced at The Ranch House at Del Sur on May 9, the grants reflect a commitment by our community members to support the development of some of the youngest 4S Ranch and Del Sur residents.

For over a decade, our members have played an essential role in growing a more vibrant 4S Ranch and Del Sur and we are proud to invest in programs that will further strengthen the health and well-being of our youth. In the past decade, 4SCF members have granted more than $266,000 to nonprofit organizations working in the community to grow a more vibrant region and we have built an endowment of nearly $120,000, generating over $380,000 worth of impact in our communities.

If you are interested in learning more about 4SCF grantmaking or would like to join the Grants Committee, please contact Trudy Armstrong at trudy@sdfoundation.org.

Grantee Spotlight

The 4S Ranch-Del Sur Community Foundation was proud to present a grant of $5,500 for the 2017- 2018 grant cycle to SOLE Effects.

Bolstered by the generous support of 4SCF members, SOLE Effects was able to develop and implement a 9th grade program, the SWITCH Experience, geared toward the specific social and emotional needs of Del Norte High School students.

The results far exceeded expectations.

During the grant period, The SWITCH Experience program changed the lives of 168 9th grade students, getting them off to a much stronger emotional and social start in high school, leading to more positive decisions as they move forward, which will impact their futures and this community.

Also, the program strengthened the lives of 14 SOLE Effects interns, several of whom have already signed up to serve as leaders for next year at Del Norte High School. The interns were able to work with a teacher who provided direction and guidance to make the program even more impactful.

A stronger, more relevant curriculum was developed to serve not only these students but future Del Norte High School 9th grade students and youth from other schools and districts too.

We are proud to support the amazing work of SOLE Effects and the lasting impact it is making in our community.

Thank you to all the 4SCF members who helped make this impact possible.

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