“The role of technology is to help us be more connected,” explained Katy Fike, co-founder of Aging2.0®.

Recently named to Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business for her work related to innovation and aging, Fike challenged older adults to look at technology through the lens of age-friendly communities at the Center for Civic Engagement event, “The Future of Age-Friendly Communities: Aging 2.0,” on November 9 at UC San Diego.[pullquote]How can technology optimize opportunities for health, security, participation and enhance the quality of life as we age?[/pullquote]

“How can technology optimize opportunities for health, security, participation and enhance the quality of life as we age?” she asked the audience.

With the population of people age 65-and-over in San Diego County expected to double by 2030, the need to find more ways to ensure that San Diegans can age in place and stay connected to their communities is growing in importance.

Pillars of Age-Friendly Cities

Pillars of Age Friendly Communities

According to Fike, the nine pillars of age-friendly cities are:

  1. Stay Mobile
  2. Stay Safe
  3. Stay Home
  4. Stay Social
  5. Stay Inclusive
  6. Stay Engaged
  7. Stay Connected
  8. Stay Healthy
  9. Stay Independent

Using these pillars as the framework for her discussion, Fike centered her talk on applications (apps) and emerging technologies catered to baby boomers and older adults that have the potential to change and improve one’s aging experience.

Resources for Older Adults

The following is a list of technology resources Fike shared to help older San Diegans stay connected and engaged in their communities. Click each resource below to learn more.

Stay Mobile – Transportation

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAC5SeNH8jw[/embedyt]

Stay Home – Housing

Stay Inclusive – Respect and Social Inclusion

Stay Independent – Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Stay Social – Social Participation

Stay Engaged – Civic Participation and Employment

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S-5EfwpFOk[/embedyt]

Stay Connected – Communication and Information

Age-Friendly San Diego

“The Future of Age-Friendly Communities: Aging 2.0” was the most recent installment in The San Diego Foundation Center for Civic Engagement Future40 event series, which engages experts in their fields to raise provocative questions, highlight new possibilities and challenge our assumptions.

In partnership with the UC San Diego Stein Institute for Research on Aging, this event also marked the third Future40 event focused on Age-Friendly Communities in San Diego, a core program at The San Diego Foundation.

Our Age Friendly Communities program seeks to understand the challenges of our older adults, and promotes San Diegans aging in place and staying connected to their communities. Learn more and consider supporting our program today.

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