The “Giving Season” is the period from November to December that is widely recognized as the most charitable time of year, while encouraging people to do good and celebrate generosity. According to a BlackBaud 2021 report, nonprofit organizations raised about 29 percent of their funds for the entire year during the two-month period in November and December.

The Giving Season begins on Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and runs until December 31, the IRS deadline for yearly tax-deduction eligibility.

We at San Diego Foundation are grateful to our donor-advised fundholders for their generous grantmaking during November and December 2022. Their grantmaking exemplifies how charitable giving can be used to build just, equitable and resilient communities in San Diego and beyond.

The State of Local Nonprofits

San Diego is known as being one of the most giving cities in the country and that generosity has continued since the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, many local community-based organizations have mentioned an increase in demand for their services.

Unfortunately, San Diego nonprofits are unable to meet all the county’s needs, with only 15% reporting that they can meet increased demand, according to the University of San Diego’s State of Nonprofits 2022 annual report.

With local nonprofits unable to fully meet the increased demand, members of local communities can make a positive impact by donating or volunteering. This increased support will help nonprofits continue to enhance our local quality of life and ensure their success in the future.

Giving Season Outcome

During the 2022 Giving Season, over 1,300 SDF donor-advised fundholders awarded more than $29 million in grants to nonprofits and causes of their choice. In November and December 2021, fundholders awarded $27 million in grants, representing a 7% increase in giving during same period in 2022.

The most popular causes during the 2022 Giving Season included:

  • Human Services: nonprofit organizations providing services to children, families, seniors, newcomers and immigrants, victims of domestic violence and more received over $8 million from donors.
  • Medical Research: donors contributed more than $6 million to nonprofits that support cancer and chronic disease research.
  • Education: from preschool to universities, donors granted more than $5 million to schools, scholarships and education nonprofits and services.

Gifts of any size

In November and December 2022, fundholders awarded more than a dozen grants totaling $100,000 or more. These grants supported a variety of causes, including human services; arts, culture, and humanities; and education.

Smaller contributions were made while still having an impact, demonstrating that donor-advised funds of any size enable giving at any level. Fundholders awarded over 520 grants of $1,000 or less, totaling more than $400,000 to a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Thank you to all SDF donors, partners and supporters who have contributed and helped us continue to make a difference in our community. It would not be possible without your support.

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