More than 200 Escondido Charitable Foundation (ECF) donors, local leaders and residents came together last week to celebrate the impact and joy of philanthropy in the community.

The event, held at the California Center for the Arts, was the culmination of the 2019-2020 grant cycle, which focused on strengthening civic engagement and increasing connections in the community, as well as the success of ECF, an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation.

Among the seven nonprofit programs funded, San Diego Oasis is focused on supporting both the youngest and oldest generations in Escondido.

According to research from Stanford University, older adults are one of the best groups to spend time with young children, not only because they can pass on decades of wisdom, but also because they are at a point in life where they have the availability and patience to do so and can provide the kind of stimulation that young children need to thrive.

As the study explains, “older adults are exceptionally suited to meet these needs in part because they welcome meaningful, productive activity, and engagement.”

The primary purpose of the San Diego Oasis Intergenerational Literacy Tutoring Program is to make a profound difference in a child’s life by helping them learn to read. The secondary purpose is to provide a meaningful opportunity for older adults to stay engaged and active by serving a child in need.

The benefits of intergenerational programs flow both ways.


Volunteer tutors commit to working one-on-one with the same child for an entire school year. Through these one-hour weekly meetings, students not only improve their reading and writing skills, but they also miss fewer days of school and experience higher levels of self-confidence. In addition, seniors gain a sense of purpose and belonging by sharing their knowledge and helping the next generation grow.

Thanks to support from ECF grantmaking, the program collaborates with 12 elementary schools in Escondido and has 70 volunteer tutors serving more than 120 at-risk students.

Investing in Community

San Diego Oasis is just one example of how ECF members are coming together to strengthen the Escondido community.

Through 13 years of grantmaking, ECF has addressed a wide range of community issues including health and human services; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education; access to the outdoors; advancing arts & culture and more.

Since 2006, ECF has granted more than $2.4 million and generated $4.8 million in impact to strengthen the community.

If you aren’t a member yet, the Regional Affiliate Program is the perfect way to become an active philanthropist for your community’s well-being and growth, wherever you live.

Working alongside your friends and neighbors, you can help your community and build a strong, resilient neighborhood today, and into the future.

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