Happy Holidays!

The Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation (RBCF) has just celebrated its 30th year, making RBCF one of the region’s oldest community foundations.

In addition, RBCF is celebrating another great year of impact, awarding $83,000 at the Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon to 20 different programs that will benefit Rancho Bernardo. For those who were there, you know it was a special moment.

This year, RBCF focused grantmaking on programs that help make Rancho Bernardo a great place to live, work and play. Grant programs that received funding will support a variety of social impact areas, including education, youth development, science and technology, the arts and more to benefit solely the residents of Rancho Bernardo.

Every year, the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation Thanksgiving Luncheon serves as a reminder for how generous Rancho Bernardo residents are and the impact philanthropy has across our community. This year was particularly exciting as we celebrated three decades of local impact and grantmaking in the community.

Thanks to the generosity of our members and the community, RBCF has generated a $2.2 million impact to make Rancho Bernardo an even better place to live, work and play.

2018 Rancho Bernardo grantees

20 local organizations were awarded grants during the 2018 RBCF Thanksgiving Luncheon.

Latest News

Thanks to all her hard work and selfless commitment to the Rancho Bernardo community, RBCF President Debbie Kurth was recently named “Volunteer of the Year” by the North County Philanthropy Council.

As President of RBCF, Debbie has done a remarkable job of leading the organization. Under her leadership, RBCF celebrated a 30-year anniversary with the most community members ever involved and the largest amount of grant dollars awarded.

Thank you, Debbie, for everything you do!

New Members

Lastly, RBCF is proud to welcome its newest members, including:

  • Richard and Kathryne Thorpe
  • Michael Hartney and Chrissa Corday
  • Sharon Cafagna
  • Raymond Skitt

3 Ways to Increase Your Impact in 2018

We hope that you will encourage your friends and neighbors to support our community by also becoming a member of the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation.

As 2018 nears its end and you finalize your year-end charitable giving decisions, please consider three ways to increase your impact in Rancho Bernardo:

  1. Renew Your Membership Online
  2. Upgrade Your Membership Level
  3. Refer a Friend to Our Affiliate