Over the course of the next year, five artists and their partner nonprofit organizations will bring engaging arts projects to communities throughout San Diego as part of the most recent Creative Catalyst Program grants.

In anticipation of these projects, we are featuring each of the artists here on SDF News to get you excited for what’s to come and also to share more about their backgrounds and impact in the region.

Maxx Moses is a 2018 Creative Catalyst artist.

Maxx Moses is a 2018 Creative Catalyst artist.

Maxx Moses is a renowned artist and mural designer whose projects blend community engagement and art to create works that incorporate the spirit of the surrounding communities. Moses also serves as an instructor, teaching the next generation of artists how to create a more inclusive and community-based arts ecosystem.

As part of his Creative Catalyst project, Maxx is working with nonprofit organization The Urban Collaborative Project, which brings together residents and artists to beautify areas in Southeast San Diego, to transform a vacant lot along Imperial Avenue Corridor by creating a functional art installation that will serve as a centerpiece for a community engagement space.

We spent some time with Maxx, who shared with us his passion for storytelling.

Interview with Maxx Moses

The San Diego Foundation: What drives your passion for the arts?

Maxx Moses: I am compelled to self-express. Unconsciously, I recognized the importance of having a voice as a tool and vehicle of expression that represents the deepest and richest part of who I am.

I found this by simply writing my name over and over again throughout the streets and Subways of New York City. As my style evolved, so did my concept of self. I found that this idea of self is limitless, so I continue.

TSDF: What role do you believe art plays in civil society?

MM: My role as an artist and as a human is to inspire. My goal is always to create works of art that guide the viewer toward reaching higher and diving deeper into themselves. When my art is visible within communities it’s created with this intention.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG98GcFJVgc[/embedyt]

TSDF: How do you engage with the community through your art?

MM: Through large-scale mural making, my work is always communicating with the public. As an Art Educator, I facilitate workshops and lectures that illustrate the importance of art and self-expression as a necessity for being in sync with the rhythm of life.

TSDF: What do you hope San Diegans take away after engaging with your Creative Catalyst project?

MM: That Art is an integral part of our lives. That Art stimulates our imagination and that every human is an Artist.

Upcoming Events

“Family Splatters” The Family Mural Workshop

The Family Mural Workshop

As part of his Creative Catalyst partnership with the Urban Collaborative Project, Maxx’s first free art workshop in Southeast San Diego is October 6 at noon at The Gathering Place, 101 50th Street, San Diego, 92102.

“Family Splatters” The Family Mural Workshop is a fun-filled opportunity for families to create works of art together. Maxx will lead families through an art-making process, which includes brainstorming for ideas, developing concepts and the true joy of painting. This creative process instills respectfulness, cooperation, family pride and ultimately a collective family vision.

Food will be served. No previous art experience is required. No supplies are required. For more information, contact Bpollard@ucproject.org or (619) 392-0203.

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Facebook Live: How Artists are Impacting San Diego’s Creative Economy

Real Talk Flyer - Creative Catalyst
The arts ecosystem has a significant impact on the local economy and quality of life in our San Diego communities. According to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), $174.6 billion was added to the California economy in 2015 thanks to the arts. In addition, NEA studies show a strong correlation between the arts and the well-being of older adults, as well as developmental benefits during early childhood.

The arts also serve as a powerful tool that allows San Diegans to explore new ideas and engage with one another. Because local artists often have deep roots in our communities, their work sparks conversation, promotes civic engagement and celebrates our region’s unique diversity – strengthening our economy, community and culture.

Join The San Diego Foundation for a conversation with Creative Catalyst Program Co-Founder & Co-Chair Jill Hall, 2018 Creative Catalyst Artist Maxx Moses and 2015 Creative Catalyst Artist Ron Najor to discuss how artists are impacting San Diego’s creative economy and making San Diego a better place to work, enjoy, live and learn.

Tune in September 25 at 3PM

Engaging with the Artists

The San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Program works to grow the creative economy, advance artist careers and strengthen community engagement by increasing opportunities for San Diegans to experience arts and culture.

Maxx is one of five artists who will be sharing their unique works with the community over the next year. Learn more about our other Creative Catalyst artists, including:

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