San Diego has a rich Latinx history, evident through public art from murals and mosaics to food and recipes passed down for generations. As a center of vibrant Chicano culture, it’s a place several families have called home for decades. But with a growing population and rising costs of living, even those who have planted long-standing roots here can find it difficult at times to stay in the place they’ve known as home for years, and provide for their children and families.

Though, there’s a strong sense of community clear to those who comes across it, and Chicano Federation helps keep that sense of community alive.

Chicano Federation History

Chicano Federation focuses on community needs and remains at the forefront of equity and access for our communities. The nonprofit serves more than 27,000 families each year and has been a staple in the community for 53 years.

A pillar in the community, the organization started as an advocacy group fighting for the rights of Latinx families. Over time, Chicano Federation has since expanded to serve all populations across San Diego County. They aid across many different programs — including affordable housing, business development, child development, and more.

“We’re there to be a trusted partner to help the community wherever they need support,” said Liz Ramírez, Chief Executive Officer of Chicano Federation.

Supporting San Diego’s Children & Families

Chicano Federation

As a partner on several programs, San Diego Foundation (SDF) has awarded grants to fund many different programs at Chicano Federation – including the organization’s preschool, the Barrio Logan Child Development Center.

Focused on children’s well-being, funding from the SDF Healthy Children & Families Initiative has allowed Chicano Federation to provide a full-day therapist to its preschool students. The therapist has the capacity to work with up to 72 children and their families to provide one-on-one counseling services and help with mental health.

“It’s difficult taking care of children,” said Ramírez. “We love that partnership and that we can have a full-time staff member dedicated just to mental health support for our children and families.”

Chicano Federation has also taken part in Level Up SD, a summer learning partnership between SDF and the San Diego Unified School District. Through Level Up SD, the nonprofit offers a summer soccer program that serves 1,000 kids over the span of 10 weeks.

“They learn not only to play soccer, but talk about sportsmanship and leadership,” said Ramírez.

Chicano Federation also partners with the San Diego Loyal Soccer Club and the San Diego Wave Football Club to make the summer session happen.

Partnering with SDF

San Diego Foundation proudly supports organizations like Chicano Federation that provide so many critical services to the community.

“We believe that San Diego is the best place to live,” said Katie Rast, Director, Community Impact at San Diego Foundation. “We want to be sure all children and families in our region have opportunity and are able to thrive.”

That includes supporting organizations that focus on quality access to education, and simultaneously supporting parents in the workforce. Ramírez is proud of the transparency the two organizations share to achieve that common goal.

“Besides just being funders, San Diego Foundation does so much more. We have constant conversations about how we can make our programming better for the little ones we serve and to San Diego County in general,” Ramírez said. “More than anything I appreciate them being a thought partner with me.”

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