For more than a decade, the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation (CCF) has brought together like-minded individuals to help grow a more vibrant community in Carlsbad. Thanks to the generosity of its members, the organization has granted more than $870,000 to over 50 programs, addressing everything from homelessness to the environment.

This year, CCF members dedicated their philanthropy to the well-being and connectivity of its book-end generations.

According to a Stanford University study, aging adults can play a critical role in the lives of younger people and offer resources that cannot be found in a book or on the internet. From learning new skills and passing on wisdom to simply playing a board game, intergenerational relationships and mentorships can encourage, inspire and entertain youth and older adults alike.

On April 25 at the Annual Grants Celebration, CCF announced $73,000 in grants to four nonprofit organizations strengthening community engagement and connectivity for youth and seniors in Carlsbad.

The 2019-2020 grantees included Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad, San Diego Dance Theater, New Village Arts and Kids for Peace, which we talk more about below.

Creating Opportunities to Engage

Now, more than ever, our world needs kindness, compassion and connection.

The Kids for Peace Grandfriends Kindness Project is a yearlong intergenerational program that connects our younger and older Carlsbad citizens, offering an uplifting opportunity to work together to create a culture of kindness and connection.

Hosted at the Carlsbad Senior Center and other locations, the program will bring youth and seniors together to perform acts of kindness.

“This intergenerational program provides a joyful opportunity to learn about each other, bond while performing acts of kindness, and positively impact our community,” explained Jill McManigal, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kids for Peace.

Inspired by the success of The Great Kindness Challenge – the Kids for Peace signature program – youth and elders will meet monthly and partner to complete acts of kindness from a provided kindness checklist. Together, participants will take a board game to a senior center; create a thank you for your local fire fighters, and even plant a garden.

Through these activities and experiences, they will create a culture of compassion, unity and respect in Carlsbad.

Make a Lasting Impact

The San Diego Foundation Regional Affiliate Program enables communities to leverage charitable funds from its residents who take collective action through grantmaking. For over a decade, CCF has supported Carlsbad since 2008 and thanks to its endowment fund, the organization will continue to benefit the community for good, forever.

If you aren’t a member yet, the Regional Affiliate Program is the perfect way to become an active participant in your community’s growth, wherever you live.

Working alongside your friends and neighbors, you can help your community and build a strong, resilient neighborhood today, and into the future.

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