Carlsbad Charitable Foundation (CCF) believes in the importance of celebrating and investing in Carlsbad. At their 9th Annual Grants Celebration, CCF members gathered to celebrate $70,000 in grants to six nonprofits serving the Carlsbad community

Since inception, CCF has granted more than $707,000 to 44 programs committed to improve and preserve the quality of life in Carlsbad.

This year’s grant cycle supported programs that will focus on strengthening health and human services or projects that build a sense of community through lasting arts and culture in Carlsbad. In particular, CCF encouraged nonprofits to demonstrate collaborative efforts.

The six 2016 Carlsbad Charitable Foundation grantees include:

  • Basic Needs Program with Interfaith Community Services ($20,000)
  • musicLIFE with Museum of Making Music ($20,000)
  • Triple Play-Gardening with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad ($7,500)
  • No More Breast Cancer / No Más Cáncer de Mama with Champions for Health ($7,500)
  • Feeding Seniors in Carlsbad with Meals on Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. ($7,500)
  • Crisis Intervention with Trauma Intervention Programs of San Diego, Inc. ($7,500).

Grants Chair Catherine Magaña

Grants Chair Catherine Magaña addresses the crowd at CCF’s 9th Annual Grants Celebration.

Art & Health Services Collide

According to results of a July 2014 Harris Poll, seven in 10 Americans say the learnings and habits from music education equip people to be better team players in their careers. Two-thirds say it provides people with a disciplined approach to solving problems.

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Museum of Making Music (MoMM) and North County Lifeline (NCL) are teaming up to focus on both grant categories – Health and Human Service and Arts and Culture.

“Museum of Making Music and North County Lifeline are in the same business: improving the life of others,” explained Alisa Arkinzadeh, Development Officer at Museum of Making Music. “We do it in different means, but through the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation grant we have the opportunity to work toward a common goal.”

MusicLIFE is the result of that collaboration.

MusicLIFE is designed to help change the lives of two vulnerable youth populations through hands-on experiences. The two populations, human trafficking clients and young adults transitioning out of foster care, currently receive health services and basic needs from NCL.

The musicLIFE program will serve over 2,000 Carlsbad residents.

As part of the program, small groups will form bands to teach collaboration and build self-confidence. The groups will also produce public service announcements documenting the development of the “bands” to increase advocacy, prevention and awareness throughout the region.

Through musicLIFE, MoMM and NCL will take a proactive rather than reactive approach to help at-risk youth become self-reliant adults.

“This isn’t a program investment,” expressed Arkinzadeh. “It’s a human investment that will transition adults into productive, responsible community members of Carlsbad.”

MoMM and NCL hope their successfully partnership can provide a blueprint for similar, innovative, cross-discipline collaborations.

Get Involved

During the grant cycle process, the CCF grants committee was thoroughly impressed with the innovation of each awarded grantee project. However, they were equally impressed with two additional programs unable to be funded.

If you aren’t a member yet, the Regional Affiliate Program is the perfect way to become an active participant in your community’s growth and to help CCF reach the unmet needs of well-deserving programs in the community.

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