Have you considered how ongoing drought, flash flooding and more common heat waves impact your home or business? Have you spoken to your company or local public officials about how they can help?

The San Diego Foundation, in partnership with Climate Education Partners, just released new research that outlines how communities and businesses throughout San Diego County will be impacted by climate change.

The two reports, Economic Resilience: Water and Economic Resilience: Health, offer local leaders a framework for how to make decisions with future generations in mind.

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For example, did you know that by 2050, the number of days we have with extreme heat will increase drastically:

Infographic - Extreme Heat from Climate Change

What’s even more alarming is how the increase in heat days impacts hundreds of thousands of San Diegans in the workforce.

Local businesses, particularly in the manufacturing, construction, and transportation & warehousing industries, will encounter a sharp decline in work productivity due to climate change:

Infographic - Climate Change Impact on the San Diego Workforce

But they aren’t the only affected industries. San Diego’s economy relies on numerous industries that are directly affected by outdoor temperature shifts:

Infographic - Industry Losses from Climate Change

Additionally, while San Diego County is expected to encounter longer drought seasons, concentrated bursts of rainfall will become more common and can lead to costly flash flooding:

Infographic - Flash Flooding from Climate Change

Economic Resiliency to Climate Change

The numbers outlined above and in the reports show just how large of a toll climate change can have on our economy if steps aren’t taken to make our region more resilient.

We encourage all leaders to utilize these new economic resilience reports to help shape the future of San Diego and maintain our vibrant quality of life.

Learn more about how The San Diego Foundation is working to mitigate the impacts of climate change and create a more resilient region. Also, share your efforts about how you’re making our region more resilient to climate change in the comments below.

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