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Before we act, we must understand. The San Diego Foundation helps community members better understand challenges and opportunities in our region by collaborating with strategic partners to publish a wide range of studies, reports and publications.

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2012-report Our Greater San Diego Vision (2012)
The region’s many local and tribal governments, special districts, and local and state agencies have different geographic and issues-based scopes. None span the entirety of the region’s geography and its intertwined issues. Our Greater San Diego Vision is intended to support and inform the work of these and other organizations, and to provide a voice for our residents. Our Greater San Diego Vision is a shared vision of the future for the region in its entirety. Read the Executive Summary > | Read the Full Report >
2014-report San Diego, 2050 is Calling. How Will We Answer? (2014)
Decisions we make today will affect how well our children are able to cope with the impacts of climate change a few decades from now. This report is part of an effort by Climate Education Partners to engage local expert scientists, educators and a wide range of community leaders. Together, we are helping San Diegans learn more about, prepare for and respond to the impacts of a changing climate. Read the Report >
2013-report Equity Indicators for a Greater San Diego (2013)
The San Diego Foundation partnered with Dr. Manuel Pastor from the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California to develop a set of equity indicators for our region.This data and information can and should drive policymaking in our region to ensure we have better opportunities for all San Diegans, and in turn, ensure economic growth and resilience. Read the Report >

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