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Before we act, we must understand. The San Diego Foundation helps community members better understand challenges and opportunities in our region by collaborating with strategic partners to publish a wide range of studies, reports and publications.

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Report CoverStrong Families, Thriving Communities (2020)
In 2017, San Diego County and The San Diego Foundation, with support from the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, convened the Strong Families, Thriving Communities coalition, a three-year collaboration focused on identifying solutions to improve health inequities for children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.Together, through in-depth research and community workshops, the coalition of more than 100 regional leaders and organizations developed a Blueprint for Action that recommended 29 bold action steps. Today, the Blueprint and its recommendations are being reviewed by San Diego County leaders and implemented throughout the County to improve the health and well-being of system-involved children and their families.

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Workforce + Child Care report coverWorkforce + Child Care (2020)
In this report, the San Diego Workforce Partnership and The San Diego Foundation establish the link between child care and economic development. The report shows that employers, policymakers and funders want change and identifies opportunities for local action. The report outlines how the optimal child care and workforce system requires the county and city governments, school districts, employers, funders, parents, and nonprofits to join efforts in six local actions: 

  1. Expand the supply of child care
  2. Make more jobs family friendly
  3. Leave no state or federal money on the table
  4. Modify approaches for prenatal to third grade (P-3)
  5. Serve and support whole families (2Gen)
  6. Spark innovation in the child care sector

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Supporting Working Families report coverSupporting Working Families (2020)
In this report, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce uncovers San Diego County employer perceptions about benefits provided to support working families. According to the report, employers offer a range of benefits, including parental leave, lactation rooms, child care and subsidies, and scheduling opportunities. By offering these benefits, employers gain a competitive edge when it comes to candidate recruitment, team retention, and increased productivity. The survey analysis offers seven high-level considerations for employers to support working families and recommends these three low- and no-cost ways employers can get started: 

  1. Let employees use pre-tax dollars to pay for childcare
  2. Create a peer group for parents
  3. Establish clear boundaries between work and home

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2017 Lilac Fire Impact Report2017 Lilac Fire Impact Report (2018)
In December 2017, the Lilac Fire burned through the San Diego region, destroying homes and impacting countless lives. In response and at the request of the County, The San Diego Foundation activated the San Diego Regional Disaster Fund to collect and manage charitable funds to help the survivors and their communities with disaster recovery and rebuilding. More than $426,000 was donated and the following report outlines how those contributions helped survivors rebuild their lives and get back on a path to normalcy. 

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2012-reportOur Greater San Diego Vision (2012)
The region’s many local and tribal governments, special districts, and local and state agencies have different geographic and issues-based scopes. None span the entirety of the region’s geography and its intertwined issues. Our Greater San Diego Vision is intended to support and inform the work of these and other organizations, and to provide a voice for our residents. Our Greater San Diego Vision is a shared vision of the future for the region in its entirety. Read the Executive Summary 

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2014-reportSan Diego, 2050 is Calling. How Will We Answer? (2014)
Decisions we make today will affect how well our children are able to cope with the impacts of climate change a few decades from now. This report is part of an effort by Climate Education Partners to engage local expert scientists, educators and a wide range of community leaders. Together, we are helping San Diegans learn more about, prepare for and respond to the impacts of a changing climate. 

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