Stan Sewitch started “giving back” to his community as a kid when he helped seniors in his neighborhood do their yardwork because they couldn’t do it themselves. Cheri Joseph has been personally improving the lives of people and animals for decades.

But don’t call Stan and his “life partner and love, Cheri” philanthropists.

“We don’t like that label. We are just doing what we think is right,” Stan says. “We all are obligated to share our good fortune and the results of our hard work, in time or money or both, to our broader community.”

Stan and Cheri support several San Diego charities. They decided to open a Legacy Fund at The San Diego Foundation because they believe it’s important to continue supporting the San Diego community well into the future.

“A community has to help itself,” Stan shares. “We need more direct, person-to-person contributions for our collective well-being. We shouldn’t be expecting government to do it all.”

How do Legacy Funds work?

Stan and Cheri opened a Legacy Fund at The Foundation by adding The San Diego Foundation to their estate plans. No contribution was needed in their lifetime to set up their Legacy Fund.

When Stan and Cheri pass, through their Legacy Fund the assets in their estate will support the causes they specifically care about. The endowment they established today will leave a legacy to support San Diego for good, forever.

The endowment they established today will leave a legacy to support San Diego for good, forever.

Stan and Cheri have different causes they want to support. They were able to customize the designees in their Legacy Fund to follow their wishes.

For Cheri, animal welfare and the environment were on top of her list. Stan wanted to support The San Diego Foundation operations so that grantmaking and its programmatic impact can continue for decades to come.

Why The Foundation?

Stan and Cheri chose The San Diego Foundation to be the navigators of their philanthropic goals because of the community foundation’s endurance, and because it’s a nonprofit organization.

The Foundation was founded in 1975, during Stan’s senior year of college at San Diego State University. In the decades since, it has granted more than $1.1 billion to the nonprofit community to address many challenges and, according to Stan, has made “a massive impact on the region we all love.”

Stan and Cheri also recognized the benefit of working with a nonprofit, community foundation because “The Foundation has complete alignment with the wishes of its donors. It doesn’t have a profit-motive, won’t be sold or change its organizational model to suit shareholders.”

Consider opening a Legacy Fund and joining the long list of San Diegans like Stan and Cheri, who are committed to creating a lasting impact on our region.

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