Today represents the 45th year celebrating Earth Day, which has grown into a worldwide celebration of Earth and its natural wonders.

In honor of Earth Day, I would like to share with you a few fun facts about our local environment that you might not know!

San Diego Environment Facts

  • Diversity of plants and animals.
    San Diego County has a greater diversity of plants and animals than any other county in the continental United States. In fact, our home town is considered a “hotspot” for conservation efforts because of the number of species that are threatened and endangered, and many species are endemic or can’t be found anywhere else in the world.
  • There’s a lot to be proud of.
    San Diegans have a long history of and commitment to protecting the region’s natural diversity. To date, 45% of the land in our county is designated as open space thanks to the hard work of many local nonprofits and generosity of their supporters.
  • Natural resources.
    Many of our natural resources that contribute to the beautiful areas and climate are at risk from many threats including land use, climate change and invasive species. Eight in 10 San Diegans are concerned about climate change, and these concerns have given rise to local climate action leadership. That’s why we have the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative (of which The San Diego Foundation is a member) to preserve our quality of life through a strong economy and healthy environment.
  • Our Greater San Diego Vision.
    Survey results from Our Greater San Diego Vision found that one of the four core values of city residents is the opportunity for enjoyment of the outdoors with family and friend. Respondents put great value on “protecting and connecting natural lands and increasing access” for a strong culture and community.
  • Clean air, water and natural lands.
    San Diegans take great pride in protecting our clean air and water, and stunning natural lands. In fact, each year, our nonprofit neighbor I Love a Clean San Diego, engages over 30,000 people in clean-up efforts in our creeks, rivers and beaches all throughout San Diego County.

Celebrate Earth Day

Don’t just read about it, though. Get out there and make a difference! This year, we encourage you to do something new in honor of the 45th Earth Day.

Plant a drought-tolerant garden! Volunteer for a local environmental nonprofit! Organize a neighborhood park clean-up! Or even just take a minute to recognize all the wonders of the natural world around you!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Share some of your favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day in the comments below.

Emily Guevara

Emily GuevaraA native of San Diego, Emily Guevara is excited to combine her passions for the environment and philanthropy to protect the quality of life of our region in her role as Manager, Environment Initiatives with The San Diego Foundation. She is responsible for fostering community-based environment programs and initiatives that The San Diego Foundation supports through collaborations, convenings, and collective grantmaking.

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