The San Diego region’s climate is changing.

And according to the “San Diego, 2050 is Calling” report, 84% of San Diego County residents agree.

The report states that by working together and investing today, we can reduce regional emissions of heat-trapping gases and prepare for climate change, helping to ensure a high quality of life and strong regional economy for our children and future generations.

About “2050 is Calling”

The “2050 is Calling” report, produced by The San Diego Foundation and Climate Education Partners (CEP), is part of an effort to engage local expert scientists, educators and a wide range of community leaders in climate change. It was also created to help San Diegans learn more about, prepare for and respond to the impacts of a changing climate.

Read the Report

“2050 is Calling” covers San Diego regional climate issues ranging from temperature and precipitation, water resources, coastal flooding, wildfires, nature and health. Below are 5 eye-opening infographics we grabbed from the report to share.

San Diego Climate Infographics

Click the infographics below to enlarge.

Annual Temperature Infographic

San Diego Climate Coastal Flooding

San Diego Climate Extreme Heat

San Diego Wildfires

San Diego Climate Water

Grant Opportunity

We have partnered with the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative on a new grant opportunity to help local governments and public agencies build resilience to San Diego climate change. Total available funding for this grant program is approximately $200,000.

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