May 13, 2015 – San Diego, CA – On Friday, May 15, the 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation (4SCF), an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation, will hold its 8th Annual Grant Awards Celebration providing six nonprofit organizations with a total of $27,000 in funding.

The 2015 grants will help enhance the rich natural resources and open spaces throughout 4SRanch-Del Sur while fostering healthy lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities. The programs funded include: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet Week from The Design39C Collaborative ($1,400); Performing in the Great Outdoors program with Del Norte High School Music Boosters ($4,000); Reptile Rescue program from the Zoological Society of San Diego ($4,100); Bikes For Kids & Youth at the Loving Life Foundation ($5,000); Worms Are the Way program at the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation ($6,000); and Connected: Community & Conservation program with I Love A Clean San Diego County, Inc. ($6,500).

“We’re excited to present a record amount of $27,000 to nonprofits working to enhance our community,” Judy Simeroth, Grants Committee Chair of the 4SCF, shared. “Our focus this year was to connect, protect, and increase access to nature while promoting healthy life choices. We believe all six of these organizations will improve the lives of those who live, work and play within the 4SRanch-Del Sur area.”

“Since its inception in 2008, 4SCF has granted over $175,000 to 38 programs in the community,” Tanny Joyce, Chair of the 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation, reported. “Through these grants, we are building a better community in 4SRanch-Del Sur to support current and future generations. The many grantee success stories, such as the 2014 Junior Achievement of San Diego County program, are a testament to this mission and our annual efforts.”

The Job Shadow in Technology Fields program at Junior Achievement of San Diego County aims to build students into compassionate, community-minded citizens by engaging them local business in technology-related fields so students can learn about the STEM opportunities in their community. The program received a grant from The Foundation in 2014 and has seen an uptick in the level of student engagement through the program.

“Today’s youth require hands-on experiences to better understand the value of work readiness, career planning, and leadership skills,” said Tara Michener at Junior Achievement of San Diego County. “The Job Shadow program, with support from 4SRanch-Del Sur and The San Diego Foundation, has given us the opportunity to incorporate these experiences directly into a curriculum to better prepare students for the real world. To date, over 100 students have gone through the program and worked with companies such as Sony and Otterbox.”

4SCF is dedicated to improving the quality of life and meeting emerging needs in 4SRanch and Del Sur by increasing responsible and effective philanthropy; building a community endowment for the benefit of the region; providing funds annually to community organizations and causes, and giving the community a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit 4SRanch-Del Sur now and forever.

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About the 2015 Grantees:

Connected: Community & Conservation
I Love A Clean San Diego County, Inc.

A grant of $6,500 will allow I Love A Clean San Diego County, Inc. (ILACSD) to conduct a large-scale cleanup and beautification event in a section of the Black Mountain Open Space adjacent to 4SRanch. This area has long been a dumping ground for large debris, and the recent wildfires in the area have exposed thousands of pounds of debris that were once hidden from view by trees and shrubs. ILACSD will coordinate hundreds of volunteers to conduct a one-time cleanup of the area to restore it to its natural state. ILACSD will also visit local schools and conduct education presentations to students in the months leading up to the cleanup. Through this program, ILACSD will identify community volunteers willing to take a leadership role in coordinating additional cleanups annually.

Worms Are the Way
Solana Center for Environmental Innovation

A grant of $6,000 will bring the “Worms Are the Way” program to Monterey Ridge Elementary. The program will develop greater awareness of our environment and promote sustainable living in the 4SRanch-Del Sur community by introducing composting and vermiculture as an educational component in order to make Monterey Ridge Elementary a “greener” school. This joint initiative will complement and enhance the school’s garden education program and serve as a model for community-based waste diversion. The program will reach the 1,100 preK – 5th graders and their parents.

Bikes For Kids & Youth
Loving Life Foundation

A grant of $5,000 will help Loving Life Foundation partner with school counselors and social service representatives to identify deserving students and provide them with new bikes, helmets, odometers, camelbacks, and locks. The children will meet weekly with their counselor or social service rep to report the amount of time spent, miles ridden, and water they consumed during their bike rides each week. The program’s goal is to document 30 minutes per day of physical activity and 64 ounces of water consumed for each student receiving the bikes. At the end of each semester, the student from each school with the most logged miles will be awarded at a celebration.

Reptile Rescue
Zoological Society of San Diego

A grant of $4,100 will bring “Reptile Rescue” to 17 third-grade classes at three elementary schools in 4SRanch-Del Sur. The classroom program will be presented by the zany Dr. Zoolittle and informative Zoo Educators—accompanied by impressive reptile friends from the Zoo. Through interactive animal presentations, students will discover how their daily actions affect the health of their own local ecosystem and the reptiles that live there. A supplemental online curriculum will also be developed and made available to teachers and parents. The program will reach 595 third grade students in 4SRanch-Del Sur elementary schools and their teachers, as well as numerous family members.

Performing in the Great Outdoors
Del Norte High school Music Boosters

A grant of $4,000 will provide the Del Norte High School Music Boosters with enhancements and accessories to improve the safety and efficiency of student performers in the Del Norte High School Music Program. The funds will be used toward enhancements for the Music Program trailer, and will provide student performers with accessories to safely transport equipment to and from events, and help them prepare for their many outdoor and off-campus performances. The Del Norte High School Music Program supports over 180 student performers this year, a number that is expected to grow.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet Week
The Design39C Collaborative

A grant of $1,400 will support The Design39C Collaborative’s Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet Week, and its culminating event, the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet Community Fair. Students from all grade levels will learn about healthy habits for themselves and their families as well as habits for a healthy planet. The Community Fair, which will be open to all residents of the 4SRanch and Del Sur communities, will combine the various aspects of personal health and planetary preservation students have learned about all week. Design39C students will present their projects and share their knowledge with the community.

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