Other TSDF Scholarships

Find your scholarship, and reach your educational goals. Outside of the Common Scholarship Application, which offers students a chance to apply for more than 100 scholarships with just one application, The San Diego Foundation manages other TSDF scholarships for students, each with their own application, set of criteria and deadline.

For each separate application, follow the instructions to receive more information and obtain a copy of the application.


Music Teachers’ Association of California Goodlin Scholarship

H.B. Goodlin Contest for young San Diego County musicians

The Music Teachers’ Association of California Goodlin Scholarship provides scholarship awards for music students in San Diego county. The awards are primarily designed to seek talented young musicians and encourage them. San Diego County’s finest young musicians under 18 years of age compete in the yearly spring contest.

From its beginnings in 1993, the awards have offered 1st and 2nd prizes in two divisions, a junior division to the age of 14 and a senior division, up to the age of 18, as well as awarding students with honorable mention ribbons or encouragement awards. Since 1998, the Chet and June Schmidt Awards, funded by the William E. Schmidt Foundation, have funded the two senior first place awards of $2000, keyboard and instrumental. This year the contest will be probably be a virtual one and the prizes will be $500 a piece for the top senior prizes. Requirements demand two pieces from different eras and styles be video-taped.

For more information, check www.mtacsd.org in March 2021. 

The Robert L. Wiegel Scholarship for Coastal Studies

Application opens August 10 2021; deadline October 15 2021

This scholarship or scholarships, the total amount of which will equal or exceed $4,000, honors a graduate student pursuing a graduate degree at a California university or college whose work best exemplifies the passion for coastal science and/or coastal engineering that typified the work of Robert L. Wiegel, Professor Emeritus of Coastal Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. Between 1946 and 2016, Professor Wiegel’s involvement as an investigator, instructor, mentor, advisor, and consultant to students, private industry, public utilities, and government agencies (both national and international) spanned virtually every phase of coastal and oceanographic research. His textbook, Oceanographical Engineering, established the practice of coastal and ocean engineering as a legitimate career path for a large number of grateful and admiring students.

Robert L. Wiegel Scholarship for Coastal Studies applicants must:

  • The award will be made to a student pursuing (or recently having received) a graduate degree at a California university or college.
  • The study must deal with a coastal problem occurring in the marine environment (e.g. beaches, the nearshore zone, ports/harbors, coastal bluffs, estuaries, lagoons, or wetlands) preferably in the State of California. The search for a solution to the problem should be a primary study goal.
  • Preference will be given to students who undertake field work with the intent of discovering the true nature of the problem while experiencing a wide range of coastal and oceanographic conditions.
  • The work must identify the importance of the research and the inter-related nature of the scientific/engineering findings with the social, economic, and environmental issues so common to coastal issues.
  • As promoted by Prof. Wiegel throughout his career, the research must demonstrate a high level of scholarship in which the applicant clearly identifies the importance of the work and cites relevant studies that have been conducted previously.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the application and guidelines, contact The San Diego Foundation at scholarships@sdfoundation.org.