We’re officially into summer and as most families are acutely aware, students across the region are rejoicing.

For local youth, summer is the time to step away from the classroom environment and experience a variety of new and unique activities. Not to mention, to have a little fun in the San Diego sun.

According to the American Camp Association (ACA), more than 14 million people attend camp in the U.S each year. And each of those individuals has a different reason for going.

For some, it’s to gain more self-confidence and a sense of adventure by trying a new activity. For others, it’s to develop social skills while meeting new peers. But no matter the reason, summer camps and programs can have significant benefits on a child’s life.

Camp experiences can deepen a young person’s social, mental and emotional growth.

Why do you send your child to summer camp? What do you hope they get out of the experience?

Summer in San Diego

Here in San Diego County, we are blessed with an ideal year-round climate and resources that enable kids to get outside. This means there is no shortage of organizations and programs available for families once school is out.

However, many young people from underserved communities don’t always have the same opportunities to experience all that summer programs and camp have to offer.

Research from ACA indicates fees to attend camp vary from less than $100 to more than $1,500 per week. For some in San Diego, that can amount to a family’s entire monthly income.

This is why programs such as the Boys & Girls Club are critical to meet the needs of children in San Diego, particularly those in low-income families.

Thanks to local donor support, fees are kept low so that those most in need can afford to attend summer programs. In 2015, 85 cents of every dollar raised by the Boys & Girls Club went directly to program services.

Support Children This Summer

The summer season is an important time for youth to continue learning and developing important life skills. Philanthropy plays a central role to ensure our young people continue to grow and succeed now and into adulthood.

The San Diego Foundation is committed to supporting such programs and initiatives, and we encourage you to do the same by contributing to one of the following organizations providing summer programs to San Diego youth.

Support Local Nonprofits