The Donor Guide to Giving: Support Nonprofit Programs or Overhead?

Communities thrive when civic-minded residents support causes they care about. At The San Diego Foundation, our role is to facilitate donations of charitable assets (such as cash or gifts of stock) from individuals to nonprofits.

We work with fund advisors who direct their gifts to specific organizations by recommending grants via donor advised funds. Occasionally, donors need to determine whether to support nonprofit programs or overhead (administrative and fundraising costs), which can be a tough decision to make.

Three Questions to Identify Your Donation Type

Once a donor identifies a high-performing organization they would like to support, the following three questions can help identify their ideal donation type.

Joyful Giving

Joy in giving comes from the deliberate decision to make a difference through generosity.

Thoughtfully considering the above questions can help navigate charitable decision-making to fulfill an emotional desire to make a difference, and also maximize your gift’s impact on community.

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