If you’ve walked, biked or ran around San Diego recently, you may have seen some of The San Diego Foundation’s lively staff with their blue t-shirts, albeit slightly sweaty.

It’s all part of our passion for civic engagement and the region we support on a daily basis.

Bike to Work

On May 29 we donned our Team Foundation t-shirts and joined thousands of other San Diegans for Bike to Work Day.

In addition to feeding our staff’s hunger for staying active in San Diego, the event aligned perfectly with projects we work on – reducing strains on the environment and infrastructure all while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Bike to Work Day gave our team members the opportunity to start the day off with some cardio exercise all in support of a great San Diego cause.

Check out some photos from the staff ride here.

Live Well 5K

The next day, staff laced up their running shoes and headed out to our backyard near our Liberty Station offices for the first annual Live Well 5K. Alongside thousands of other community groups and active San Diegans, Team Foundation walked and ran to promote a healthy, safe and thriving region.

The event was hosted by San Diego County to build awareness for its Live Well San Diego campaign. All proceeds went to the Polinsky Children’s Center (PCC) Trust Fund that benefits children in foster care.

Stay on the lookout for Team Foundation at other active events that align with our mission and values, or take a look at ways we are promoting active and healthy lifestyles through our recent Opening the Outdoors grant cycle.

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