Sustainable investing has become a large and fast-growing market segment.

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, in 2016, sustainable investments constituted 26 percent of assets that were professionally managed in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and the United States, amounting to $22.89 trillion.

The sustainable investing model aims to identify companies that offer potential for strong financial returns while also demonstrating socially-conscious business practices and positive global impact.

Expanding Investment Options

As a community foundation, The San Diego Foundation recognizes that many donors want to use their charitable dollars to support the causes that matter to them – both in terms of grantmaking and investments.

Our Social Equity Endowment Portfolio has given donors an opportunity to align their investment decisions with their social and environmental values. Now, we are excited to announce the new Sustainable Endowment and Non-Endowment Investment Portfolios  to provide donors with even more options in their charitable giving.

These two funds will take the place of the Social Equity Portfolio and will be invested in assets with strong scores on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, while avoiding companies directly involved in extracting, processing or transporting coal, oil or natural gas.

Environmental, Social and Governance criteria reflect a company’s impact (positive or negative) on the Earth and on people and society, as well as corporate and board oversight.

We believe the Sustainable Endowment and Sustainable Non-Endowment Investment Portfolios have the potential to deliver returns to our donors while also benefiting communities and the environment.

In addition to providing donors with increased investment opportunity, the two new portfolios reflect The San Diego Foundation’s commitment to the environment through key initiatives, such as the Opening the Outdoors and Climate Programs.

Open a Fund

If you are interested in opening a donor-advised fund and investing in the Sustainable Portfolios to make a difference, contact us below.

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