Studies show that children who experience STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) early on will be best equipped to understand STEM concepts in their academic career and succeed later in life.

While most STEM programs are associated with high school and college-level development, Kid Spark Education is a nonprofit bringing STEM training and tools to elementary school students in San Diego.

Leveraging its fund with The San Diego Foundation, Kid Spark is working with local schools, philanthropists and community leaders to bring its hands-on, easy-to-teach STEM program to as many youth as possible, particularly those in underserved communities.

Creating Opportunity for All

Given San Diego’s rapidly growing innovation economy, STEM education is increasingly recognized as a key driver of opportunity. Students who participate in practical and relevant STEM programs through their educational experiences will be in high demand in all job sectors.

However, according to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, many local students are unprepared to enter the local workforce because of a lack of STEM training in the classroom.

“The most effective way to close the STEM achievement gap is to expose young children to STEM subjects as soon as they enter their first classroom,” explains Jena Olson, Executive Director of Kid Spark Education explains, “The earlier we integrate STEM lessons into children’s daily curriculum, the better chance our youth will develop a stronger understanding of these skills, as well as cultivate a future interest.”

Vista Unified School District is one San Diego school system that has already adopted the Kid Spark model. At Maryland Elementary School, students spend time engaging with Mobile STEM Labs that encourage collaboration, creativity and problem-solving.

Maryland Elementary School is just one example of what the future of elementary school education in San Diego can look like.

Kid Spark has partnered with The San Diego Foundation to help more schools utilize its STEM model, with plans to provide its program and training to at least 20 more San Diego classrooms by fall 2019.

Learn how you can bring Kid Spark to your elementary school by clicking here.

Building a Strong Pipeline

The evolution of San Diego’s economy and social landscape requires all people to be equipped with a new set of core knowledge and

With breakthrough technology companies and research organizations, the San Diego region is recognized as one of the leading high-tech hubs and most dynamic economies in the nation.

Kid Spark ensures that more students across San Diego County will gain the STEM knowledge and skills needed to grow and thrive in our region.

Join your fellow philanthropists by donating to Kid Spark and increasing access to STEM education and development in San Diego County.

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